Sankalp Sabha on the Martyrdom Anniversary of Com. Chandrashekhar

On the 20th Martrydom anniversary of Com. Chandrashekhar on March 31, a joint sankalp sabha was organised by AISA and RYA in Sariya, Bagodar. The Sabha was chaired by Com. Abhay Sahu and the proceedings were conducted by Com. Kush Kumar. The chief guest, Sandeep Jaiswal addressed the sabha and said that today we must learn lessons from Com. Chandu in order to be able to challenge the BJP-RSS agenda of saffronization of education and communalisation of educational institutes. There is a need to mass mobilise the students and youth of this country in this direction and we must accept this challenge. The convenor of the Sariya unit, Com. Sonu Pandey said that while there is nothing in the name of education in Jharkhand, massive riggings are taking place in JPSC appointments. When students and youth protest against these, lathis and bullets are being hurled at them.   To change these conditions, we will need to mobilise the students and youth and bring them to streets to protest. In Bagodar block, Com. Chandu’s martyrdom day was observed in Anwara Panchayat’s Kumhrabandh and a seminar organised on ‘Current Political Situation and the Role of students and Youth.