AISA Protest Against the Arrest of Bhim Army Founder

The All India Students Association (AISA) took out a protest march at Allahabad University on 6 November 2017 against the arrest of Bhim Army founder Chandrashekhar after the one-sided action taken by the administration in the Saharanpur caste violence incident and his re-arrest under RSA despite the Allahabad High Court giving him bail. A memorandum was submitted to the President through the DM after the march.

Addressing the meeting at the Students Union office, AISA State President Com. Antas Sarvanand said that protection to criminals has increased manifold after the BJP came to power in the State. After the caste violence in Saharanpur where 50 dalit homes were burnt down, action was taken on the victims themselves instead of giving them justice. Even after 6 months of the incident, they have not got justice. Bhim Army founder who raised his voice for the dalits was arrested and when the HC gave him bail he was re-arrested under NSA. This clearly shows how far the government and administration are protecting the criminals. AISA Unit Secretary Com. Shakti Rajwar said that governmental attacks are increasing not only on dalits and Muslims but also on writers and intellectuals. AISA demands that the guilty in the Saharanpur violence be arrested and punished, NSA against Chandrashekhar should be revoked, the killers of Junaid should be punished, and Prof GN Sai Baba should be unconditionally released.

AISA team meets Chandrashekhar Azad in Meerut Medical Hospital

A delegation of AISA comprising JNUSU Vice President Com. Simone Zoya Khan, ex JNUSU Vice President Com. Rama Naga, and other AISA activists met Chandrashekhar Azad “Ravan” in Meerut Medical Hospital, while he was being taken back to the Trauma Centre. No one is being allowed to enter his hospital ward. His physical condition is very bad, with infections in his lungs and kidney. He was suffering from typhoid while in jail but was not given any sort of medication and neither was proper food given to him inside the jail. Chandrasekhar asked comrades to continue the movement. He told that the government can’t stop the movement against Brahmanism by keeping one person in jail. To protest against slapping of NSA, women have sat on hunger strike in Sabbirpur.