Big Victory for AISA in the #OccupyViswhavidyalaya protest

On 18 January, AISA had called for ‘Occupy Vishwavidyalaya’ protest demanding- (i) Immediately roll back the metro fare hike; (ii) Provision of metro concessional passes to all students of DU; and (iii) Increase the frequency of DTC buses and connectivity to all colleges. The protest had received a tremendous response from the students. Continuing the movement to ensure cheaper public transport for the students pursuing education in Delhi, on 25 January, an AISA delegation met CM Kejriwal to discuss the demands. The students’ discussion with the CM yielded the following results:

    1. From now on students’ concessional passes will be valid in AC buses too.

    2. Validity of bus passes to be extended from 4 to 6 months.

    3. New University Special buses and women special buses in next 6 months.

    4. Delhi Government extends its support to students against Metro Fare Hike.

AISA reaffirms its commitment to continue the struggle for ensuring cheaper and safer public transport for the students of Delhi.