RYA Meeting in Bhojpur

A youth meeting was organized on 11 December 2017 at the CPI(ML) Bhojpur Party office under the leadership of the RYA. The chief guests at the meeting were CPI (ML) Politbureau member Com. Swadesh Bhattacharya, District Secretary Com. Jawaharlal Singh, City Secretary Com. Dilraj Pritam, RYA State President Com. Manoj Manzil, and AISA State Secretary Com. Shivprakash Ranjan.

Addressing the meeting Com. Swadesh Bhattacharya said that today the students and youth are divided into two camps, and times are such that they will remain so divided. The first camp is that of young people who follow the ideas of Bhagat Singh andAmbedkar. The second camp is of those people who follow the Sangh, ABVP and Bajrang Dal ideology. These are two opposing forces—one is an anti-social, communal hatred and riot spreading force; the other force is that of young people driven by the ideology of Bhagat Singh and Ambedkar, fighting against fascist ideology and for education and employment.

Com Swadesh Bhttacharya pointed out the incidents of breaking and vandalizing Ambedkar’s statues at Mashrak in Chhapra and Tara in Bhojpur and said that the attacks on Ambedkar’s statues are attacks on the entire nation. The perpetrators of these attacks are those very same people who call themselves the greatest nationalists and the biggest Ambedkar followers. The attacks on Ambedkar’s statues are pre-planned and well thought out attacks. This is a dangerous phase the country is going through, and this dangerous phase has been unleashed on the country by the ruling class which is the Sangh Parivar. The common man has been robbed of democracy. It is the need of the hour that revolutionary students and youth stand up and fight the fascist forces with every ounce of their courage.

Com Jawaharlal Singh said that only a revolutionary Party can give a befitting reply to these fascist forces; he therefore called on students and youth to join the CPI (ML)’s struggles and become members of the Party.