Com Subelal Paswan, aged 72, passed away on 7 December 2017. He hailed from Barhana Bhavani village in Badh Block. He was initially with the CPI but left the organization and became a member of the Party after the 1966 CPI (ML) agitation made a deep impression on him. He remained a member of the CPI (ML) until his last breath. Com Subelal leaves behind his wife, 3 sons and 2 daughters. With the passing of Com Subelal we have lost a strong propagator of the Party. The Party pays tribute to him and expresses deep condolences with the bereft family.

Red Salute to Com Subelal Paswan!


Com. Sondhari alias Sona Ji, aged 70, passed away after a cardiac arrest on 25 December 2017 at PMCH. In 1977 he was implicated falsely in a case by feudal forces and jailed for 5 years. It was in jail that he first came into contact with CPI (ML) comrades. When he was released after the completion of his sentence he contacted the Party organization and joined the CPI (ML) struggle in Punpun Block. He was fully active in the activities of the Party when it was underground. In 1992 when the Party came out in the open he was elected the Party Office Secretary at Punpun Block and he discharged this role till the end of his life.

Sona Ji was born in a poor Kahar family at Jat Dumri village in Punpun Block. He remained single throughout life. He had a sharp hatred for feudal forces and a deep dedication to the Party. He was never daunted by the ups and downs the Party underwent in its struggles. The sudden demise of Sona Ji comes as a shock to the Party. CPI (ML) pays tribute to him and expressed deep condolences with the grief-stricken family.