CPI(ML) District Conference in Udaipur

The 4th district conference of CPI(ML) Udaipur was held on 16-17 September 2017 in which 60 delegates representing various villages, panchayats and towns committees and branches, 15 observers and PB member Com. Prabhat Chowdhary participated. During the conference, a call was given to strengthen and build a strong movement against the anti-people policies of the Modi-Vasundhara governments at the state and the centre. The need to intensify the struggles of the workers-rural farmers-students and youth against the communal-fascist forces and corporate looters was emphasised in the conference. Several suggestions were shared to strengthen the work of the party in the region and the report by the outgoing district secretary Com. Chandradev Ola was passed unanimously. Mahendra Chowdhary said in the conference that there is a need to unionise the workers of factories in the cities and the student organisation AISA must also become the voice of students against the policies of privatisation of education.

A 15-point proposal was passed in the conference that includes of the following points:
1. The unemployment among the rural and urban workers has increased considerably post demonetization. The conference demands that the government immediately begin MNREGA and ensure minimum wages for the workers. Given the inflation, a minimum of Rs. 600 must be fixed as daily wage. Plans like NREGA should also be implemented in urban areas to ensure employment for the urban poor.

2. The state BJP government is providing protection to the riot causing Sangh forces who are trying to divert the attention of the masses from the basic issues. The recent murder of Pehlu Khan is another addition to this series. The conference demands that his killers be immediately arrested.

3. This conference demands that the killers of Com. Zafar Khan be immediately arrested. This conference also demands that the policy of mocking the poor under the pretext of Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and the photographing or filming of poor workers forced to defecate in the open by the government officials must be immediately stopped.

4. This conference wants to underline the fact that as per the figures of the National Crime Bureau, Rajsathan holds first position when it comes to atrocities on Dalits in the state. This conference demands that the Rajasthan government stop providing protection to all feudal forces and ensure immediate arrests in all the cases involving atrocities on Dalits.
5. This conference wants to highlight the fact that the BJP government in Rajasthan is the first state government in the country to bring anti-worker amendments in the labour laws. This conference demands immediate revocation of the amendments to the labour laws.

The other demands included-putting an end to corruption in the various panchayat and government departments pertaining to –passing of Indira Awaas Yojna, distribution of ration; issuing of pattas to tribals as per the forest right acts; provision of safety equipments to workers as per the labour laws; putting an end to the displacement of poor, hand carters, auto drivers, people living temporary settlements under the pretext of smart-city; loan waiver for the farmers and fixing of crop prices as per Swaminathan Committee report; revocation of prohibition on sale of livestock; immediate action on incidents of crime against women and guarantee of their freedom and dignity; and ensuring food security. The conference condemned the efforts to communalise the school textbooks and the efforts to present incorrect history in them.

A 21-member district committee was elected with Com. Chandradev Ola re-elected as the district secretary.