Delhi ASHA Kaamgar Union Demands Regularisation of Service

After taking regular yearlong work from ASHA workers employed in Delhi, they are paid only very little honorarium which is grossly unfair. It is only because of the ASHA workers that primary health services are able to reach the people of Delhi, however, despite this the government is falling short of even giving them the status of ‘labour’. This is absolutely condemnable. Delhi ASHA Kaamgar Union (DAKU) while working in various parts of Delhi has found that despite the ASHA workers having presented their demands to the government on several occasions, no concrete steps have been taken so far. In light of this, the Delhi Asha Kaamgar Union organised a protest demonstration in front of CM’s house in Civil lines on 18 September.

The following demands were raised by Delhi ASHA Kaamgar Union: 1. All ASHA workers be provided the status of government employees and be provided wages and facilities in accordance to that. 2. A minimum wage of Rs.18000/- be provided to ASHA workers. 3. The work and working hours of ASHA workers be determined and they should not be involved in surveys and other such work. 4. There should be an immediate end to humiliation meted out to ASHA workers at the hands of officials of Health Mission (doctors, nurses) and other hospital staff. 5. The remuneration fixed for providing vaccinations at childbirth and other vaccinations should be paid on time and all corrupt practices that come in the way of timely disbursement of remuneration should be ended. 6. Safety allowance and travel allowances should also be fixed for the ASHA workers. 7. ASHA workers should be provided with health insurance, EPF, and ESI benefits. And 8. All the provisions and other holidays applicable under the maternity benefit acts (EL, CL, etc.) should immediately be provided to ASHA workers.