Demolition of Houses in Chandigarh

A CPI (ML) delegation led by Comrades Satish Kumar, Pooran Kumar, Vijay Kumar, Rajkumari, Aman, Agin, and Eisha met the victims of demolition ordered by the administration in Kambala, Chandigarh. During the talk with the team, the poor whose houses had been mercilessly demolished informed that they had been living here for the past 15-18 years. They added that besides the jhuggis, even pakka registered houses were not spared.

Talking to victims including Maalti, Sonavati, Gudiya, Giriraj and Suresh Singh, it was found that the victims has not even been given time to remove their belongings from their house. Because of this, the people had to suffer additional economic losses ranging from 3000-7000 additional. Since previous two days the electricity connection had also been cut off and children and the older people had to also put with a lot of troubles. The situation had reached a point where children may have to discontinue school. The people asked angrily that how could any administration try to snatch the right to education from children. Worse, the administration decided to demolish the houses at a time when most residents were not at home.

CPI (ML) strongly condemns this anti-poor move of the administration. On one hand the Modi led BJP government is promising people homes till 2022 and on the other hand it is demolishing houses of the poor. This hypocrisy of the government needs to be exposed. The CPI (ML) team resolved to protest against this demolition and raise loudly the slogan of ‘Apna Ghar Pakka Ghar’ to respond to the government’s move to destroy homes.