Jhunjhunu District Conference of CPI(ML)

The 3rd Jhunjhunu District Conference was held in Rajasthan on 28 July 2017 on the occasion of the anniversary of Com Charu Mazumdar’s martyrdom day. The conference started with tributes to Com. Charu Mazumdar, Com Srilata Swaminathan, Com. Swapan Mukherjee, Com. Zafar Hussain, Pehlu Khan, and all the martyrs who gave their lives for a democratic and egalitarian India against fascism.

Inaugurating the conference, PB member Com. Prabhat Kumar Chaudhuri said that the entire country, including Rajasthan, is going through a time of deep crisis. The government is paying no heed to the farmers’ crisis; on the other hand, bullets are being fired upon farmers who protest, and thousands of farmers are forced to commit suicide. Attacks on women and adivasis have become a daily occurrence in Rajasthan. Our own Comrade Zafar had to sacrifice his life due to the anti-poor character of the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ because he showed the courage to oppose the Municipal personnel who were assaulting the dignity of poor women living in hutments. It is now clear that the district and State administration is supporting the personnel and officials who murdered Com Zafar. Till today, the chief accused has not been arrested and an atmosphere of communal hatred is being spread across Rajasthan.
Com Prabhat said that the Party must fight the saffron conspiracy in Rajasthan and mobilize democratic and justice-loving forces of society against communal fascist forces. Without fulfilling this basic responsibility, the fight against fascism and corporate loot cannot be carried forward.

CPI (ML) State Secretary Com. Mahendra Chaudhury also addressed the Conference. Com Phulchand Dheva presented the work report. A 25-member District Committee was unanimously elected at the Conference with Com Ramchandra Kulahari as District Secretary. The proceedings of the Conference were conducted by a 4-member Steering Committee. State Committee Member Com Shankar Lal Chaudhuri gave the concluding address.