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Comrade Charu Mazumdar’s Martyrdom Day

The martyrdom day of CPI(ML)’s founding General Secretary and architect of the great Naxalbari uprising Comrade Charu Mazumdar, was observed by the party on 28 July 2017. Party comrades across the country paid tributes to Com. Charu and resolved to carry forward his revolutionary legacy and strengthen ongoing struggles in current times.

In Bihar, comrades paid tributes to Com. Charu in various party offices across the states. Tributes were also paid to Com Charu in Hazaribagh Central Jail and a two minute silence was observed. A meeting was held which was chaired by CPI(ML)’s Com. Bhagirathi Pandit.
In Jharkhand, the party area committee in Nirsa observed Com. Charu’s martyrdom by pledging to expand the party as we approach the next Party Congress and to work towards its development, increase membership and strengthen the party. Tributes were also paid to Com. Charu in state party headquarters in Ranchi.

In Andhra Pradesh, programmes to observed martyrdom of Com. Charu in Kakinada, Tenali and Mangalagiri in Guntur district, and in part of East Godavari district.

In Odisha, the 45th martyrdom day of Com. Charu was observed as Smruti Diwas.
Shahdat Diwas was also observed in Chhattisgarh and in Maharashtra.

Party workers across the country resolved to expand and strengthen the party before the next party Congress in Punjab in March 2018.

Protest March against Draconian Anti-liquor Law in Bihar

The CPI(ML) Jehanabad District Committee held a protest in front of the Jehanabad Collectorate on 21 July 2017 against the draconian provisions of the Anti-liquor Law and the arrest of Mastan Manjhi and Painter Manjhi and demanded the revoking of the draconian anti-liquor law. The Party leaders said that the government is oppressing dalits in the name of this law and criminalizing those poor people who consume alcohol. Politicians, administrations, and liquor mafia are conspiring to punish and oppress dalits under the excuse of this law. The protest march started from the ML office, traversed through various roads of the city and culminated in a meeting at Kako chowk. The effigy of CM Nitish Kumar was burnt during the march which was led by State Committee member Rambali Singh Yadav and District Secretary Shrinivas Sharma and State Standing Committee member Mahanand. In a very short time, more than 45,000 poor have been made victims of this law and falsely trapped. The protest was attended by Wasi Ahmad, Kunti Devi, Santosh Kesri, Bitan Manjhi, Renu Devi, Sonfi Devi, Jagdish Paswan, Ganesh Das, Mukesh Paswan, Gariban Das and others.

Poor workers who earn their livelihoods by pulling hand-carts or by doing daily labour are going through a deep crisis today. Their families are on the brink of starvation, but the Bihar government is treating them as if they are hard-core criminals. The CPI(ML) and AIARLA have announced a statewide protest week from 24 to 30 July on the issues of the unconditional release of the two arrested brothers Mastan and Painter Manjhi, and the revoking of the draconian Anti-Liquor Law.

Sadbhavana March in Ranchi

As part of the protests held in Jharkhand as well as across the country against mob lynching a Sadbhavana March was held in Ranchi on 6 July 2017. The march was organized by a joint forum convened by Anjuman Islamiya representative Ibrar Ahmed and social worker Lalit Ojha. The march started from Shaheed Chowk and proceeded to Raj Bhavan where it culminated in a meeting. The march was a silent one, with over 500 people holding placards asking for an end to mob lynching, proper compensation for the victims, punishment for those spreading communal violence, and appealing for goodwill, peace, and harmony. People from various political parties and sections of society including Padmashree Simon Oraon, Jean Dreze, Prof Sajjad, Dr Dayamani Barla, Dr Sushant, Bandhu Tirkey, Ratan Tirkey, Mahua Manjhi, Fr Stan Swamy, Harminder Singh, PP Verma, Siraj Dutt, Aloka Ankita, Mohd Asgar, Shubhendu Sen, Bhuwaneshwar Kewat, Nadeem Khan, Prakash Viplav, Sushanto Muherjee, Harinarayan Singh, Kumar Varun, Moin Ahtar and others participated in the march. A memorandum was submitted to the Governor after the meeting. Nagpur singer Madhu Mansuri, IPTA artists and cultural activists raised their voices for goodwill and peace through people’s songs.

Demonstration of Private Security Guards

Since 26 July 2017 an indefinite dharna has been started by private security guards under the leadership of CMWU (AICCTU) in support of their demands. The key demands are reinstatement of laid-off workers. In 2011, ECL made direct payments to the security guards when no agency had got the tender; and even now when no agency has got a tender, ECL should pay the guards half the amount. Appointment of home security guards instead of private security guards will not be accepted. In Mugma Area ECL, nearly 125 private security guards are working. They have been removed from work since 1 July saying that there has been no tender and their reinstatement will be reconsidered when a new tender is in place. A protest was also organised in front of ECL headquarters on this issue. It has now come to notice that a note sheet has been moved to appoint home security guards for ECL Mugma area. A general meeting of the security guards was called on 23 July. All the guards raised the demand that they be reinstated. It was decided that an indefinite strike will be started and a legal battle will also be fought.

Magadi Road Area Conference of CPI(ML)

The Area Conference of CPI(ML) in Magadi Road in Bangalore was held on 26 July 2017. The conference resolved to undertake a campaign demanding free education, health and housing in addition to social dignity to dalits. The report presented by Comrade Nirmala was unanimously passed. The conference elected a 15 member Area Committee which in turn elected Comrade Nirmala as Secretary. Most of the members of the Area Committee are women – especially from the sanitation workers’ movement. The conference ended with spirited revolutionary songs by a cultural troupe of young girl students.