Prof. Yashpal

Well-known scientist Prof Yashpal, famous for people’s science, is no more. He passed away in Noida on 24 July 2017 at the age of 90. He was not only a great scientist but also a great educationist.

He was born on 26 November in Jhang on the banks of the Chenab in the Punjab which is now part of Pakistan. He was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 1976. Through Doordarshan programmes he explained a difficult subject like science in a popular way and made people aware. He was committed to bringing Science out of the Laboratory and making it a part of the common man’s life. He challenged the Brahminical idea of exclusivity of knowledge by freeing the knowledge of Science from the clutches of any particular class. He ran a campaign to make knowledge accessible to all. An important example of this is his going to the people with camps on the phenomenon of eclipse and trying to remove their superstitions regarding this phenomenon. ‘Turning Point’ and ‘Bharat ki Chhaap’ were programmes on Doordarshan which were part of this campaign.

The passing of such a great scientist at a time when Science and Scientists are being attacked by forces engaged in the spread of State sponsored anti-science ideas, is a great loss to the people. His report on education in India, ‘Education without Burden’ is considered a remarkable document.

Film-maker Yusuf Sayed has made a film on him titled ‘Yashpal: A Life in Science’. The demise of such a wise and great scientist is an irreparable loss for us. Jan Sanskriti Manch pays heartfelt tribute to this great scientist and great man.

Comrade Sahdev Paswan

Comrade Sahdev Paswan passed away at his residence in Ashiyana Nagar, Patna, at the age of 69 on the morning of 12 July 2017. Family members, friends and comrades bid final farewell to him the same afternoon at Bans Ghat, Patna. Comrade Sahdev Paswan was with the Party since the 1970s. He hailed from village Chhati, Dhanarua block, Patna district. In that phase he was known as ‘Naga Ji’. He stood firmly with the Party until the end despite having to face police repression many times. In the 80s he shifted to Ashiyana Nagar and started working for the Party in this area. He was currently a senior member of the Ashiyana Nagar local committee.
All comrades who knew him will remember forever his comradely behavior, his love for discipline, courage, and commitment to the Party. The condolence meeting in his memory was attended by hundreds of Party activists the state secretary Comrade Kunal, who said that the true tribute to Com Sahdev would be to emulate his courage and commitment and carry forward his work of strengthening the organization.

Red Salute to Comrade Sahdev Paswan!

Comrade Ramlal Prasad

Comrade Ramlal Prasad passed away on 31 July in a Daltonganj hospital. He was 60 and suffering from Parkinson’s disease for last many years. A lawyer by profession he was active in Party since the beginning years of it’s work in Palamou district. He used to take active part in party’s struggles in the district. Hundreds of people and left parties’ leaders and activists took part in his last journey and bid him final farewell.
We pay our tributes to comrade Ramlal Prasad.