Saran (Siwan) Zonal Activists’ Convention

The CPI (ML) Saran Zonal level activists’ convention was held on 30 July 2017 at the Siwan Town Hall and was attended by activists from Siwan, Gopaganj and Saran. Addressing the Convention, Party General Secretary Com Dipankar Bhattacharya said that in the present times we are not even allowed the freedom to speak against the destructive activities of the RSS and BJP in the country. Dalits, minorities, intellectuals and democracy-loving people are being attacked by RSS-BJP through mob violence. The promise of development for all has turned out to be nothing but empty rhetoric. Corporate houses have captured the resources of the country. Those who oppose the wrongdoings of the BJP are termed ‘anti-national’. The BJP is bent on capturing power in the entire country through money and muscle power. They are silent on the many criminal cases pending against the CM and Deputy CM of UP. Scholarships are being drastically cut. Employment opportunities are also drastically declining and prices are skyrocketing.

Com Dipankar said that the NItish-BJP coup in Bihar is a huge treachery against the people’s mandate. The people of Bihar will soon settle accounts with Nitish for this. Com Dipankar called upon Party cadres to start preparing for the Party Congress to be held next year in March. The Convention was also addressed by Comrades Kunal, Satyadev Ram, Amar Yadav and others. The proceedings were conducted by Siwan District Secretary Com Naeemuddin Ansari.