Statement Against Arrest of Dalit Rights Activists

The Uttar Pradesh State unit of the CPI (ML) issued the following statement against the arrest of SR Darapuri and other dalit rights activists in Lucknow on 3 July:

The CPI(ML) has strongly condemned the arrest of former ADGP and social worker SR Darapuri along with other activists from the Press Club in Lucknow on 3 July. The Party terms this dictatorship by the Yogi government and said that freedom of expression and the right to dissent are under fierce attack in the BJP regime. Dalits coming from Gujarat to Lucknow to convey to the CM their protest against the distribution by the Administration of soap and shampoo to dalits in Kushingar before Yogi’s visit were forcibly removed from the train in Jhansi and arrested on 2 July. Those who stood in solidarity with them in Lucknow were arrested today. The Party said that the BJP used many ploys to lure dalits before the election to get their votes, but after the formation of the government their true face has been exposed. In other words, their actions belie their pre-election promises. The Shabbirpur (Saharanpur) incident is the biggest proof of this. The CPI(ML) demanded the immediate and unconditional release of Shri Darapuri and all others arrested with him.