5th Pudukottai District Conference of CPI(ML)

 5th District conference of CPI(ML) was held at Venmani Martyrs Hall, Karambakudi on 31.12.2013. A 7 member presidium conducted the proceedings. Com TKS Janarthanan was the State Committee observer. Outgoing istrict secretary Comrade Asaithambi presented the draft document. It is noteworthy that the Party membership in the district has crossed 1000 this time. 135 delegates and 41 observers attended and endorsed the draft document after deliberations. Conference’s focus was on consolidating the branches, Mobilisation of 2000 members for the February rally on people’s issues, and preparation for the forthcoming Lok Shaba elections. Comrade S Kumarasamy, Politburomember addressed the conference. Resolutions passed in the conference include an appeal to the Central and State Governments to take immediate steps to protect migrant workers of this district working in Singapore, Compensation to the slain worker Kumarvelu of this district who was killed in a road accident at Singapore which sparked violence and subsequent arrest of workers of Indian origin, demand to implement MGNREGA with Government announced rates of wages and extending it to Town panchayat and also to the lands of small and marginal farmers, to declare the district as drought hit and waive all loans of farmers etc. The Conference elected a 31 member District Committee. This committee in turn re-elected Com Asaithambi as its secretary.