AIPF Seminar in Mysore

AIPF Karnataka organized a Seminar on “UP elections-2017 & its Implications” on March 20 at Mysore. Prof Muzaffar Assadi, from University of Mysore, said that the UP elections were fought by BJP for benefitting the corporates by strengthening the forces of communalism and caste politics. However, such designs did not succeed in Punjab which exhibits that the Modi phenomenon is only transitory. Dr V. Lakshminarayana, Convener of AIPF in Karnataka emphasised the need for an alliance of people to combat the Hindutva fascism. Mr Abdul Kaleem of SDPI also addressed in the Seminar. Sri P. Mallesh, the veteran Gandhian presided the seminar and urged the democratic forces to oppose communal fascism’s onslaught on various sections of society. Dr E Rati Rao introduced the theme of the seminar while Javariah conducted the proceedings.