2nd Block Conference of Bihar Midday Meal Workers Union Held

The 2nd Block-level conference of the Bihar Rasoiya Sangh (Midday Meal Workers’ Union) was held in Fatuha, highlighting the demands of recognition as government employees, following of the Supreme Court (SC) guidelines on equal pay for equal work and remuneration of Rs 18,000 per month. Inaugurating the conference, the union’s President Saroj Chaubey said workers in the midday meal scheme are being paid a mere Rs 1250 per month, at a time when government employees are enjoying remunerations as per the 7th pay commission. Moreover, the SC has laid out clear guidelines that equal wages should be paid for equal work. The central government cuts down on welfare schemes, and the state government dilly-dallies on implementing even the curtailed welfare schemes.

AIPWA leader Madhuri Gupta announced that workers in the midday meal scheme (rasoiyas) would hold a protest on 15 June 2017. The union’s secretary Sona Devi pointed out that even today, the workers face several problems. Their payments are delayed for months together, and even official records show that they are not paid properly. The conference elected a 15-member block-level committee. Maya Devi was elected as the President, Lalmuni Devi as Vice President, Sona Devi as secretary and Kanchan Devi as joint secretary.