Category: April 2015

Special Feature : The AIPF Charter of Struggle

Guarantee of Land, Food, Livelihood • No to Corporate land grab and land acquisition without prior consent; social and environmental impact assessment and fair compensation and rehabilitation for land- and livelihood-losers;...

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Justice massacred yet again

We increasingly appear to be turning into a land where killings and rapes of minorities Dalits and tribals happen on a regular basis and yet seldom are there any killers or rapists. Acquittals of those accused of orchestrating...

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The Message of International Women’s Day 2015

International Women’s Day is a celebration of more than a century of women’s mass movements demanding equality and freedom. It is important to remember that it was socialist revolutionary women who began observing...

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Ranaghat Gangrape: Bengal Bursts into Protest

Since the installation of the RSS-led union government, our country has been witnessing a concerted hate campaign against and an unending series of attacks on minorities. West Bengal has also witnessed a spate of rapes...

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Why India loves Nirbhaya, hates Suzette

(Suzette Jordan was a courageous woman who loved life. Raped at Park Street, sexually taunted by policemen, derided and disbelieved by the Chief Minister of West Bengal and her Ministers, Suzette refused to be defined as the...

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