June 2018

Karnataka Elections And After: India Must Get Ready To Deliver A Decisive Blow To BJP

After having a narrow escape in Gujarat late last year, the BJP had managed to score a stunning victory early this year in Tripura. With its fabled power management skills it managed to form governments in Nagaland, Manipur and Meghalaya, thereby establishing a near-total grip on the North-East. Karnataka was

Let the Fifth Year of the Modi Government Be the Final Year of the Calamity

-- Dipankar Bhattacharya The Modi government has completed four years in office. Is there any past parallel that can help us in judging these four years of Modi rule? For Narendra Modi himself, the permanent reference point is Nehru. He loves to juxtapose himself to Nehru and believes that he

Four Years Of Modi Raj

Liberation takes a brief look at what four years of Modi Raj have meant for India’s people, and how it has affected key areas of economy and society. Farmers Betrayed What Modi promised MSP (Minimum Support Price) of crops incorporating 50 per cent profit over and above farmers’ cost of

JANADHIKAR PADYATRA : Rural India Marches For Its Rights

[From April 22 (Lenin’s birth anniversary and CPI(ML)’s Party Foundation Day) to May Day, people marched on foot all over rural India – their marches culminating on May Day in mass meetings at various state and district centres. This intensive campaign highlighted their rights and demands, exposed the Modi Government’s

Raindrops Drench Our Being - Music Of The Marchers

-- Sudhir Suman Cultural activists participated in large numbers in the CPI (ML) Janadhikar Padyatra and Mahasammelan on 1 May 2018 at Patna, giving a new energy and impetus to the events. The central slogan for this campaign was ‘Evict BJP-Save Democracy, Save the Country’. Generally, writers and cultural activists

Jan Adhikar Padyatra in Jharkhand - 'Evict BJP, Save Jharkhand'

In response to the call of the 10th CPI(ML) Party Congress, the ‘Bhajpa Bhagao, Jharkhand Bachao’ (Evict BJP-Save Jharkhand) Jan Adhikar Yatra (march for people’s rights) was organized from 23 April to 1 May 2018 to appeal to people of Jharkhand to oust the anti-people, fascist, Modi and Raghuvar governments

Rural India Demands Employment: A Campaign in TN by AIARLA, AIKM

From April 22-May 1, AIARLA conducted a campaign, “Rural India Demands Employment”. In the face of severe drought, continuing agrarian distress and denial of Cauvery water rights, rural Tamil Nadu is experiencing an acute employment crisis. Heavy outward migration is taking place. Women and aged have been rendered jobless. In

The Jinnah Portrait is only a Pretext, Democratic India Is the Real Target!

-- Dipankar Bhattacharya Faced with a couple of crucial by-elections in Uttar Pradesh (Kairana LS in Shamli-Muzaffarnagar belt and Noorpur Assembly segment in Bijnaur district) – rendered more crucial by the shock defeat suffered by the BJP in Gorakhpur and Phulpur in March – and the ongoing no-holds-barred battle for

Marx Bicentenary Celebrated Across the Country

On 5th May, the 200th birth anniversary of Karl Marx was celebrated by CPI (ML) activists throughout the country. The CPI (ML) and AICCTU organized a symposium in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh to mark the bicentenary of Karl Marx, who inspired social change and the struggle for equality in the world. After

TMC Terror in West Bengal Panchayat Polls

The panchayat elections in West Bengal witnessed a dance of naked TMC terror that turned the elections into a farce. There were bomb attacks, booth capture, ballot boxes set on fire or thrown into ponds, and attacks on journalists trying to cover this assault on democracy. At least 15 persons


Dr Ashok Mitra Dr. Ashok Mitra breathed his last on the 1st of May at a Kolkata nursing home. He had turned 90 on April 10 and had remained active as a writer and editor till the end of his life. An economist by academic training, and a committed Marxist


Historic Unification of Nepal Communist Parties to Form Nepal Communist Party The CPI(ML) warmly welcomed the historic unification of the Communist Party of Nepal (United Marxist Leninist) (CPN-UML) and Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist Centre) to form the Nepal Communist Party. We are sure that this unification of Nepal’s Left


Palestine After the May 14 Massacre

Fadi Hassan Abu Salah - a Palestinian double leg amputee - was killed as he took part in the protests on May 14 2018 in Gaza. He was killed in the sniper fire by the Israeli army. In his wheelchair, wielding his catapult defiantly at the Israeli snipers, he was

Special Report

Monday Massacre: Tens of Thousands Stand in Solidarity With Palestinians

- V Arun Kumar Tens of thousands of people across the globe protested against the massacre of more than hundred Palestinians by the Israeli occupation forces during the Great Return March. On Monday, Israeli forces massacred around sixty Palestinians who were protesting against the United States’ shifting of its embassy


Thoothukudi Massacre: EPS And Modi Have Blood On Their Hands!

The people of Thoothukudi in Tamil Nadu had been resisting Vedanta’s Sterlite copper smelter which posed serious dangers to the environment and people’s health. Having protested peacefully for 100 days without any response from the Government, the people had erupted in militant protests on May 22 2018. Instead of doing


Killing Fields of Kashmir

PM Modi visited Kashmir – inaugurating various projects in events which were conspicuously empty of people. He mouthed hollow phrases about Ramzan, about development, Kashmiriyat, and jamhuriyat (democracy) and weirdly, asked Kashmiris to “join the mainstream”, because it was their “family”, their “mother and father”. Meanwhile, Kashmir is witness to