August 2018


Modi Raj Has Become Mob Rule: Save India from the Modi Mobs

On July 20, the Modi government faced its first no-confidence motion in Parliament. While the government easily won the vote with a comfortable majority, the debate left the government badly exposed. Even the voting pattern signalled an adverse realignment of forces for the Modi regime. The motion was moved by


Modi Rule Is Mob Rule

Union Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal said after Rakbar Khan’s lynching in Alwar in July 2018, “As Modiji becomes more popular, such incidents will take place. When Bihar elections happened, we had award wapsi... When UP elections came, mob lynching happened. Now 2019 elections are about to take place and again,


JNU Action Against Students: 'Illegality, Irrationality, Procedural Impropriety'

Delhi High Court has set aside Jawaharlal Nehru University’s move to penalize and fine JNU student Kanhaiya Kumar for his alleged role for “anti-national” activities on February 9 2016, saying the order “suffers from the vice of illegality, irrationality and procedural impropriety.” The “high-level enquiry committee” (HLEC) set up by


Institute of Eminence: Ploy To Promote Corporate Cronies, Strangle Public Funded Higher Education

-- Sucheta De The Minster of Human Resource Development Mr Prakash Javadekar, in yet another press conference on 9th July, declared six higher educational institutions as Institutions of Eminence (IoE). Of these six institutions, three are public and three are private institutions. Jio Institute of the Reliance Foundation of Mukesh


Emergency: Then and Now

The Emergency proclaimed 43 years ago and lifted after 21 months was remembered widely this year by the Modi government.Through advertisements, speeches, press conferences and social media comments, Narendra Modi and his colleagues in the government and party invoked the horror of the Emergency with such focus and urgency as


Fake News In India: Systematic Not Anarchic

The epidemic of fake news in India is not because of the so-called unaccountable nature of “social media.” It is not because of “anarchy”. Fake news is systematically produced in the Sangh’s fake news and photoshop industry, and disseminated using the same political machinery that got Modi elected Prime Minister.


Marx Bicentenary in Modi's India: Wielding Marx's Ideas as a Weapon of Resistance

-- Dipankar Bhattacharya We are commemorating the bicentenary of Karl Marx’s birth. At a time when the Sangh brigade has unleashed a virulent assault on democracy and is trying to forcibly impose the Sangh’s ideology on the entire country and society, the Marx Bicentenary gives us a great opportunity to


Scam Watch -- Cronyism and Corruption: Hallmarks of Modi Model of Governance

Institutes of Eminence The decision of the Empowered Experts Committee (EEC) set up by the Modi Government’s Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD) to award the “Institute of Eminence’ tag to the as yet non-existent Jio Institute of Reliance Foundation has underscored the brazen cronyism that marks the Modi


Dalit Kids Beaten For Using Public Pond in Buxar

On 23 June 2018, in Bhada village of Buxar district of Bihar, 3 Dalit children - Akshay Lal Ram, Shambhu Ram and Mantosh Paswan, all of whom are students of Class 9 - were assaulted by feudal goons of the dominant Bhumihar community led by Langad Pandey and Sanjay Pandey


Tougher Than in Parliament: No Confidence Motion For Modi Government On the Street

-- Purushottam Sharma Prime Minister Modi’s government defeated the Opposition’s No Confidence Motion inside Parliament on 20 July and won the motion. The ruling party, the Opposition, and the people of the country and the world were aware in advance of this Parliamentary arithmetic and what the result would be.


Workers' Strike in Delhi

-- Abhishek The workers’ strike by central trade unions in Delhi on 20 July 2018 was a resounding success. The trade unions have been demanding that the AAP government in Delhi implement its own electoral promises to workers in full - it is yet to do so even after so


Jharkhand Bandh against Land Acquisition Amendment Bill

-- Sukhdev Prasad Jharkhand bandh called on 5 July 2018 at the united call of Left and opposition parties against the BJP government to demand withdrawal of the Land Acquisition Amendment Bill 2017 was historic with active participation of all adivasi people, Pathalgadhi movement adivasi communities, various democratic forces, and


Farmers of Bhojpur Protest for Canal Water

-- Chandan Kumar June and July are crucial months in a farmer’s life. It is a time of hope. But farmers are greatly troubled this season due to adverse weather conditions. By now paddy saplings should be thriving and transplanting should have started. But the conditions are such that in


Profits over People: Infant Formula Industry vs Breast Milk

-- Padma How many babies need to die before they are allowed their mothers' milk? Bob Dylan the well known singer and song writer wrote ‘Blowing in the Wind’ in 1962 a hard hitting song about war and peace and human rights during the civil rights movement in the United


International Solidarity: People's Resistances Across the Globe

-- Arun Kumar In the month of July, people’s movements and organisations across the globe remember Frantz Fanon, a revolutionary author and journalist, whose work inspired numerous anti-colonial and anti-imperialism struggles across the world, and continue to do so. His classical work, The Wretched of the Earth analyses the dehumanizing

Meena Devi

Comrade Meena Devi of Betadi, Charpokhri, Bhojpur passed away at 8 pm on 21 July 2018 at the Patna Medical College Hospital. She had been suffering from asthma and diabetes for a long period of time. As her condition showed no improvement at the Ara Hospital she was referred to


Nemai Ghosh : A Legend of Naxalite Movement

-- Asok Chattopadhyay In the midst of the dark times our country is facing now, we just lost Nemai Ghosh, the octogenarian young man with the evergreen spirit of revolutionary zeal. Comrade Nemai Ghosh was born on August 30, 1935 at Bagnan of Howrah District under the undivided Bengal. His

CPI(ML) Leaders Arrested In Chennai For Releasing Booklet Explaining Issues Surrounding Chennai-Salem Expressway

CPI(ML) Liberation Politburo Member and Tamil Nadu State Secretary Comrade Kumaraswamy and Central Committee Member Comrade Vidyasagar were arrested today along with 34 other activists for releasing a booklet titled 'Chennai-Salem 8-Lane Green Expressway: Essential Or Not?' on the street in front of Chennai Central Railway Station. The comrades had

Israel approves Apartheid law, global Jewish groups back BDS

Israel’s Parliament, the Knesset, approved the controversial nationality bill on July 19 declaring Israel a nation-state for the Jewish people and downgrading the status of Arabic from official language to “special status”, TeleSUR English reported. Arabs make up 21% of Israel’s population. The basic law, approved with 62 votes in