(Issue No. and Month) March 2018

Yet Another Thief Escapes While The Chowkidar Waxes Eloquent

We seem to be witnessing a new kind of ‘Quit India’ movement. The Lalit Modis, Vijay Mallyas and Nirav Modis are quietly leaving the country after defrauding Indian banks of enormous sums of money. In the latest instance, the Punjab National Bank, the second biggest bank in the country after

Free Ahed! Free Palestine!

Free Ahed! Free Palestine! 16-year-old Ahed Tamimi is in Israeli jail for slapping Israeli soldiers who surrounded  her home. Several members of her family have, over the years, been arrested, shot, injured by Israeli soldiers. Ahed has been using her fists, teeth and spirit against the occupation soldiers ever since


Manhole Deaths Are Murder

Some 1500 protesters in Bangalore – including College students, activists, BBMP Contract workers, BWSSB contract workers and others joined a protest against the continued deaths of those involved in manual scavenging on 7 February. The protestors demanded that manual scavenging should be immediately ended and also that the officers responsible


Countering Communal Politics: The Bhojpur Experience

– Santosh Sahar – With the Modi Government in power, and now emboldened by its backdoor entry into power in Bihar, the BJP is trying to intensify its communal fascist offensive in the state. Here are some of the incidents from Bhojpur in the past couple of years. Ranisagar Ranisagar


Historic 9-Day Long Strike in Mangaluru Port by Workers of Shipping Companies

-V Shankar- Mangalore Port (New Mangalore Port Trust – NMPT) is one of the important pillars of the growth and development of Mangaluru. Around 75 percent of export of Coffee, Timber and Cashew nuts are handled by Mangaluru Port. The NMPT proudly claims that Container traffic increased by 25 %


TN Workers Demand Resignation of Palanichami Government

A colourful workers rally in Chennai on January 31 expressed its solidarity to the Free Pricol Two campaign, demanded withdrawal of the steep bus fare hike and an end to the TN Government’s attempt to weaken the public distribution system. The rally came down heavily on the pro-corporate communal casteist


Kasganj: Not A ‘Clash’ But A Politically Motivated Communal Attack On Minorities

A Fact-finding team of the AIPF comprising senior journalists and activists John Dayal and Kiran Shaheen, activist Leena Dabiru, AIPWA Secretary Kavita Krishnan, Kisan Mahasabha Vice-President Prem Singh Gehlawat (all of whom are members of the Central Campaign Team of the AIPF) as well as student activists from AISA, JNU