Life Sentence for Rupam

In a gross miscarriage of justice, a special CBI Court in Patna passed a life sentence on Bihar school teacher Rupam Pathak, holding her guilty of culpable homicide of Bihar’s

The Change That Never Happened

The TMC regime came to power in West Bengal with a promise of ‘Poriborton’ (change) from the policies of state repression and eviction of the poor pursued by the erstwhile

Changing face of Paribartan

“There is no place for poor people in Didi’s London” - Purna Das, victim and protester of KMDA’s eviction drive in Nonadanga. After 10 months of ‘paribartan’ (meaning change in Bengali),

Update : Violence on Dalits in Dadri

Dalits in Chamravli Ramgarh village of Dadri (Distt. Gautambuddh Nagar) in UP, not far from the national capital, were brutally assaulted by the dominant sections, in order to punish them