Pune Villagers Confront Killer Dow

(B.J. Kerkar, senior leader of the Lal Nishan Party (Leninist) reports from the frontlines of a powerful people’s struggle against US MNC Dow Chemicals, responsible for crimes like the Bhopal

Student Movements

ABVP Ransacks Universities in Uttarakhand The ABVP indulged in serial incidents of violence on 1 and 4 August respectively at the H N B Garhwal University and Kumaun University in Uttarakhand.

Beijing Olympics: Some Observations

The impressive Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony was no mere cultural performance: with it, China showcased its ancient civilisation as well as the remarkable technological prowess achieved by a third world

Stalemate at WTO

When the Doha round was initiated nearly 7 years ago, it was promised to be a “development round” that would address the concerns of poorer countries through “special and differential