Category: December 2013

‘Saheb’ Snooping Tapes

What do the tape-recordings of illegal surveillance on a woman by the Home Minister and ATS for their ‘Saheb’, and the BJP’s line of defence, show about the state of democracy in BJP’s ‘model’ state Gujarat? The tapes show that...

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Shame on Rahul, Modi’s Competitive Communalism

Leading campaigners and PM aspirants of India’s main ruling class formations have shamefully sought to stigmatise Muzaffarnagar’s riot-affected in a highly callous and shameful game of competitive communalism. Addressing a rally...

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Why the CBI Director’s Rape-Speak Can’t Be Excused

Running under the overwhelming outrage over the CBI Director’s analogy between ‘legalising betting’ and ‘enjoying rape’, one can sense an undercurrent of sympathy. ‘It’s just an analogy/proverb after all, what’s the big deal?’;...

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‘Feudal, Communal Forces Beware’

“Only CPI(ML) could have had the guts and the ability to successfully hold such a massive Rally in spite of constant talk of bomb threats. Only CPI(ML)’s mass base is such that would defy the atmosphere of fear and turn up...

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The day when Patna was occupied

Patna wore a different look on the day of Khabardar Rally. From early in the morning one could see streams of people walking down Station Road, in groups of varying sizes. Red flags held aloft, processions walked under the...

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Update : Jan Adhikar Rally in Munsyari

The Jan Adhikar rally of the CPI(ML), attended by people in large numbers, placed the State government of Uttarakhand in the dock on the issues of rehabilitation and State repression. Participants of the Jan Adhikar rally from...

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