Nation-Wide Campaign on ‘Save Education, Save Country’

With a call to Save Education, Save Country, AISA launched its nation-wide campaign at Gandhi Peace Foundation, Delhi on 22 July, against the Regime of Seat-Cut, NET-Cut, Fund-Cut and the saffron policy offensive against education, employment and hate propaganda by RSS/BJP.

AISA’s National General Secretary Com. Sandeep Saurav, National President Com. Sucheta De, and Delhi State Secretary Com. Niraj Kumar addressed the convention. A campaign booklet ‘Where the Mind is Without Fear’ was released at the convention setting forth an intensive campaign that will reach across the country.

Speaking during the launch of the campaign, AISA leaders said that the present regime has unleashed an all-out attack on all opportunities of education and employment. Along with policy level assaults on Education, an intense effort is going on to turn universities and academic institutions into laboratories for the political propaganda of the RSS. People with no academic credibility are being appointed as VCs of Universities and Head of Institutions from just because of their loyalty to RSS and BJP. Anyone who raises a voice in defence of democracy and rights are being punished and silenced. The present regime that has betrayed the student-youth wants to remain in power through hate propaganda. Communal and casteist mob-lynching is the mode of Governance under the present regime. They said that we firmly resolve to fight for our right to education, employment and to defeat the saffron brigade and its agenda to destroy the country’s future.