March Against Mob Violence in Udaipur

Democratic, secular people of Udaipur took out a peaceful protest march on 18 July 2017 against the incidents of terrorism, communalism and mob violence that have taken place in the country during the past few months. The march, starting from the Town Hall and culminating at the Collector’s office, was a silent one with the protesters holding placards for unity, harmony and Constitutional values in the country. They carried placards condemning terrorism, communal violence and mob lynching and appealed to people to speak up to protect Constitutional values.

Addressing the meeting at the Collectorate, the speakers said that the killing of innocent people—whether Pehlu Khan, Zafar, train passengers, Amarnath Yatris or anyone else—must be strongly condemned and the government must act to stop such incidents. They further said that these killings are being done by people with a particular ideology and for a political purpose; it is the duty of every citizen to protest against such violence. They pointed out that the Gau Rakshak goons belong to organizations close to the ruling BJP and enjoy the protection of the rulers. The meeting called upon all democracy, peace and justice loving people to raise their voices against terrorism and mob violence.