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Bihar Police Act: ‘Reforming the Police’, or Protecting it from Reform?

(The Nitish Kumar Government in Bihar has recently passed the Bihar Police Act 2007 – a move that has been met with protests all over the State. The people of... (read full text)

Homage to May Day Martyrs

[In 1884, In 1884, the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions passed a resolution stating that eight hours would constitute a legal day’s work from and after May 1... (read full text)

Rising Working Class Unrest

As usual, the working class has, once again, proved all bourgeois theoreticians wrong this time too. Well thought out strategies of contractorisation, casualisation, etc., not withstanding, workers are up in... (read full text)

Pricol Workers On Struggle: Charting out a New Path

Workers of Pricol, a leading auto components manufacturing factory supplying components to most of the leading auto majors joined AICCTU and declared formation of the union through a General Body... (read full text)

Working Class Reports

Lock out at Ganges Jute Mills The Left Front police greeted the striking workers of Ganges Jute Mills, Bansberia, Hooghly with ruthless lathi chare of the morning of Bengali New... (read full text)

Report : Bihar Chakka Jam

A militant chakka-jam was observed in all the districts of Bihar on April 12 to protest the manipulation of BPL lists, non-implementation of NREGA, forcible implementation of PESA Act and... (read full text)

Report : Highlights of CPI(ML) UP Poll Campaign

The Mirzapur Administration, in a written agreement signed by the SDM, Chunar, had acknowledged that following a protest by the CPI(ML) State Secretary Comrade Akhilendra Pratap Singh, orders were being... (read full text)

The Ghosts of Nandigram

There was panic at the CPM headquarters on Calcutta’s Alimuddin Street as rumours spread like wildfire of a ‘special’ investigative team having arrived to do some fact-finding on the gory... (read full text)

Why Virginia Tech shootings happened

Yet another rampage has occurred at a school, this time leaving 33 people dead at Virginia Tech—the worst such incident ever at a U.S. college campus. The news media seem... (read full text)

April 2007

... (read full text)

The Nandigram Carnage and Tasks of Revolutionary Communists

Several weeks after the Nandigram carnage, we still do not know how many people have exactly been killed, how many women have been gangraped and if the children and young... (read full text)

Primitive Accumulation in the Era of Globalisation

As regards economic essence, the eviction of peasants and other toilers from their natural socio-economic habitat is best understood in the Marxian framework of “primitive accumulation of capital”: “The capitalist... (read full text)

India: Home to Asia’s Biggest Club of Billionaires and Half of the World’s Poor

When we are told that our economy is growing annually at an impressive 8 per cent per annum, we wonder what it is all about and where it disappears without... (read full text)

Assembly Polls: Tables Turned on Congress

The crucial UP assembly elections are now in progress. Together with Punjab an Uttarakhand, UP results will provide a crucial index of the political mood in the country. Manmohan Singh... (read full text)

Union Budget 2007-08: Kutta, Billi, Chappal Budget

‘Good news for the cat and dog lovers’–an unashamed Finance Minister (FM) exclaimed in the midst of his budget speech. But alas, there was no good news for the poor!... (read full text)