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The Resolve of Republic Day 2018

26 January 2018 marks the fourth Republic Day since Modi occupied the PM office in 2014. Every Republic Day during this Modi era has made us keenly aware of the... (read full text)

Constitution And Democracy In Danger

(Four Supreme Court judges have alerted the country to ‘democracy in danger.’ The people of the country can ignore this warning only at our own peril. The Prime Minister, speaking... (read full text)

Death of a Judge: There is much more than meets the eye

— Dushyant Dave (Courtesy: Bar and Bench. The author is a Senior Advocate and Former President of the Supreme Court Bar Association) The sad demise of Judge Loya is the... (read full text)

Yechury-Karat Debate: A False Binary

— Dipankar Bhattacharya Media reports coming from the CPI(M) Central Committee meeting held in Kolkata (19-21 January, 2018) indicate that the party is majorly divided on the issue of its... (read full text)

Instant Triple Talaq Bill: Hasty, Biased, Unjust

The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill criminalising instant triple talaq is flawed, contradictory, and has been passed by the Lok Sabha without any consultation with the very... (read full text)

CCTV Should Have No Place In School Classrooms

— Shivani Nag While AAP’s fascination with CCTV cameras is not new, this fascination appears to have taken a giant leap of faith with CCTV cameras now being projected as... (read full text)

No to Netanyahu, No To Complicity With Israel’s Apartheid

(Statement by Activists, Academics and Concerned Citizens issued on the eve of Israeli PM’s India Visit) In the coming week, Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu will tour different cities of... (read full text)

The Aadhaar Tyranny Must End!

— Agnitra Last October, Santoshi Kumari, a young girl from Simdega district of Jharkhand died of starvation after her family stopped receiving any rice from the public distribution system for... (read full text)

Bhima Koregaon And Saffron Violence On Dalit-Bahujans

On January 1 every year, Dalits and Bahujans gather at Bhima Koregaon near Pune to commemorate the anniversary of the Bhima Koregaon Battle of 1818 in which the British Bombay... (read full text)

Justice For The Pricol Two!

Has justice been frozen in an upside-down position? Why is justice a one-eyed blind woman? These are questions the late Eduardo Galeano asked. And these apply very well to the... (read full text)

What Does RSS Have To Offer The People Of Assam?

— Sandipan Talukdar Assam witnessed for the first time in its history a big public assembly organized by RSS in Guwahati. The event was named “Luitporiya Hindu Xomabesh” – meaning... (read full text)

Fact-Finding Report : Bawana Factory Fire

— Shweta and Abhishek On January 20, a fire in a firecracker factory in Bawana Industrial Area, Delhi, killed at least 17 workers, 10 of whom were women. The factory... (read full text)

Save Democracy, Save Jharkhand Rally in Bagodar

In Memory of Comrade Mahendra Singh The 14th martyrdom anniversary of Comrade Mahendra Singh – the CPI(ML) MLA in the Jharkhand Assembly much loved by the people, who was shot... (read full text)

Public Meeting: The First Anniversary of the Bhangar Martyrs

On 17 January 2018 – the first anniversary of the killing of two young men Mafizul and Alamgir in firing by the nexus of West Bengal police and TMC thugs... (read full text)

Dharna Demanding Justice For Comrade Dinesh

A sit-in was organized on 20th January, 2018 at Chandauli, Uttar Pradesh to demand the arrest of the killers of Comrade Dinesh Rajbhar, a district committee member of the party... (read full text)

Free Manmohan!

CPI(ML) Nalanda District unit, Insaf Manch, RYA and Bihar State Vidyalaya Rasoiya Sangh held a dharna in front of the Nalanda Collectorate on 6 January 2018 to demand the unconditional... (read full text)

All India Strike By Scheme Workers

On 17 January 2018, sixty lakh scheme workers went on an all India strike, that central trade unions had called from the Workers’ Mahapadav in Delhi in November. Nearly 90%... (read full text)

BJP’s Vision On Education: Dangerous Cocktail of Communal Revivalism And Borrowed Obscurantism

On 20th January 2018, Satyapal Singh, Union Minister of State for Human Resource Development, and former Commissioner of Police in Mumbai, declared that “Darwin’s theory of evolution is wrong. It... (read full text)

Modi Rule: ‘Good Times’ For The 1%, Worse Times For 99%!

Modi came to power promising ‘Acche Din’ – Good Times. But the four years of his rule has spelt ‘Good Times’ only for India’s richest 1%, whose share in wealth... (read full text)

Mandate Gujarat 2017: The BJP, Though Victorious, Stands Eroded In Its Stronghold

The Gujarat Assembly Elections 2017 mandate is notable not so much for BJP’s victory but for the sizeable shrinking of support for BJP, not only since the 2012 Assembly Elections... (read full text)