Com. Ajoy Rajknowar

Com. Ajoy Rajkonwar (58) passed away on 13 September in Chennai, suffering a heart attack. He had been fighting serious kidney and liver diseases for some time and was in Chennai for medical check-up. Com. Ajoy was a popular, dynamic and courageous workers’ leader, active in the working-class movement in Assam, especially among the workers in the power sector. He was the founder architect leader of Assam State Power Workers Union and worked to build up continuous resistance movement against privatisation of Assam State Electricity Board. Despite his illnesses, till his death, he continued to carry forward the work of the union. It was under the leadership of Com. Rajkonwar that a 72-hour historic strike was organised in the power sector of Assam. Com. Rajkonwar worked hard to ensure integration of the power workers in the mainstream working-class movement of India.

Com. Ajoy started his party life as cultural activist of Sodou Asom Janasanskritik Parishad and joined the party in 1982. He enjoyed wide respect amongst party cadre and members as an honest, responsible dynamic and an affectionate comrade. He was elected to the state committee of party. Com. Ajoy always maintained close relation with various social organisations apart from our class and sectional organisations. With the death of comrade Com. Ajoy, the party lost a long-standing activist and the working class movement has lost a popular, dynamic and a un-compromising leader of workers. Red salute to Com. Ajoy Rajknowar.

Com. Radhamohan Singh

Com. Radhamohan Singh, member of CPI(ML)’s Dhanbad district committee, passed away in the morning of 17 September at Jalan hospital, Dhanbad. Com Radhamohan had suffered severe heart attack in the late night at about 3 am and was taken to the hospital. He was 60 years of age. He suffered a second heart attack in the early morning during treatment and expired. Com. Radhamoham had suffered a polio attack that had affected both his legs. Despite, this he was a very active comrade in party work, trade union work and in organising mass movements. Moving 5 to 10 km every day on wheel chair was his regular routine. He joined the party in 1984. The passing away of Com. Radhamohan is a huge loss for the party. He is survived by his wife and three daughters. Red Salute to comrade.

Com. Ramautar Choudhary

Com. Ramautar Choudhary 74 passed away on 17 Sept. in Begusarai. He was a veteran communist cadre revered by the people both inside and outside the left circles. We pay our tributes to him and pledge to strengthen communist movement to fulfil the dream he cherished.