Resolutions Adopted at Jan Vikalp Rally At Conclusion of CPI(ML)’s 9th Congress

1. UPA, NDA and all ruling class parties are busy pushing the neoliberal pro-corporate and pro-imperialist policies and covering up people’s questions with leaders’ faces. These Governments have ruined the country and imposed a huge burden on common people. At the conclusion of its 9th Congress, the CPI(ML) through this massive People’s Alternative Rally calls for a countrywide people’s movement against corporate plunder and assaults on people’s livelihood, land, and democratic rights. At this rally the CPI(ML) declares its unshakeable commitment to strengthen unity among Left parties on struggles on people’s issues and to strengthen people’s movements. This rally calls to assert a people’s alternative to ruling class politics, policies, and assaults by strengthening and consolidating people’s movements.

2. This massive gathering of the people of Jharkhand strongly condemns the ploy to hand over resources to corporate plunderers, intensify repression, and impose Congress rule by the backdoor in the name of President’s Rule. This gathering demands that Assembly Elections be held in Jharkhand without any delay, and ensure a democratically elected Government.

3. This rally calls condemns in the strongest terms the heinous state-sponsored massacre at Chatra which is being falsely painted as an encounter, and demands an impartial and time-bound judicial enquiry to establish the truth and ensure punishment for the perpetrators.

4. This rally condemns the brutal killing of Comrade Gangaram Kol, popular leader of tea garden workers’ struggles, by hired goons of the Congress in Assam, and expresses outrage at the fact that the accused are yet to be arrested. This rally demands that the CBI enquiry into this killing complete its enquiry in a time-bound manner.

5. This rally expresses outrage at the brutal lathicharge in West Bengal on protesting students in which SFI leader Sudipto Gupta was killed, and condemns in the strongest terms the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s statement terming the killing a ‘minor’ affair. This rally calls for a powerful people’s resistance to the state terror being unleashed by the TMC Government to crush people’s movements.

6. This rally condemns the firing at Chilika Lake in Odisha, by prawn mafia gangs enjoying the patronage of the Odisha Government on fisher-people who were fishing near the gherries. 22 fishermen have been injured in this firing. This rally demands that the rights of the fisher-people be protected and stern action be taken against the prawn mafia gangs.

7. This rally warmly hails the ongoing struggle by adivasis against land grab at Nagri near Ranchi, and declares its fullest support in carrying forward the struggle. This rally also declares its support for the ongoing struggle of Odisha’s adivasi villagers against eviction in favour of the Korean mining company POSCO, and warns the Odisha Government not to continue with its plan to forcibly acquire land there.

8. This rally hails the historic two-day All-India Strike on 20-21 February as a powerful assertion of the working class against corporate plunder, price rise and assaults on workers’ rights. This rally condemns the crackdown in NOIDA on workers in the wake of the successful Strike, in the form of false cases and wholesale arrests against ordinary workers and trade union leaders. This rally demands the release of all the arrested workers and withdrawal of false cases without any delay.

9. The Nitish Government of Bihar, which has been making a show of demanding special status for Bihar’s development, has exposed its true colours by cutting MNREGA wages by Rs 20 and by the CAG revelation of irregularities in AC-DC bills to the tune of Rs 50,000 crore. CPI(ML) reiterates its demand for a CBI enquiry into the AC-DC scam and roll back of the cuts in MNREGA wages.

10. This rally demands punishment for the perpetrators of genocide during the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971 and of the genocide against Tamils in Sri Lanka by the Sri Lankan Government and Army.