Bhagat Singh Youth Brigade’s ‘Bow and Arrow March’ in Kauakol

The Bhagat Singh Youth Brigade took out a protest march on 9 October 2017 at Kauakol in Nawada district against the spread of feudal-communal hatred. About 300 youth armed with traditional bows and arrows and wearing Bhagat Singh bandannas gathered at the block headquarters from various villages including Lalpur, Yogachak, Telhata, Dhamni, Rustampur, Gandighat, Pansagua, Kolhuad, Vishnupur, and Khandsari. The march started from the Ambedkar statue and was led by RYA District convener Bhola Ram, Bhagat Singh Yuva Brigade leaders comrades Ranjit Manjhi, Sanju Manjhi, Mantu Kumar, Rajesh Manjhi, Dilip Kumar (AIARLA) and Com Narendra Kumar. The march culminated in a meeting at the JP statue, presided over by Com Dilip Kumar and Com Kishori Prasad.