Experience has unmistakably shown that for the Indian media the Emergency was rather a blessing in disguise. Cashing in on the immense credibility provided by the Emergency, various branches of


Vinod Mishra 13th May, 1986 If a colossal miscarriage allowed social-democracy to blow in full bloom in the Indian Communist movement, to be sure, social-democrats too had to pay a heavy penalty

Bihar : An Overview

With a total area of 1,74,000 sq. kms. and a population of 6,99,14,734 Bihar accounts for 5.3 per cent of the total geographical area of India and 10.3 per cent

The Battleground and the Forces

The plains and forests of Bihar are ablaze. From Purnea to Palamau and Bhojpur to Bhagalpur, agricultural labourers and poor peasants are up in arms throughout the State. Armed clashes

Bihar Peasants in Modern History

Peasant struggles are by no means a twentieth century phenomenon in the history of Bihar. In the nineteenth century itself Bihar had witnessed scores of heroic struggles of the peasantry,

The Great Upheaval

If in the wake of the lifting of the black curtain of the Emergency the country witnessed a general awakening among various social classes and strata, Bihar saw a veritable

Major Achievements

Some critics of the movement like to interpret it merely in terms of violence and killings. Even some sympathisers, too, see only the fighting spirit of the masses, the heroism

Problems and Weaknesses

With all its achievements, the movement also has its share of problems and weaknesses. Let us now take a close look at some of the major lacunae, indicating at the

A Microlevel View

patna I. Lahsuna-Sikandarpur (Masaurhi PS) Party work was reorganised in Sikandarpur village in 1979 with the harijans (mainly Musahars and Beldars) offering a strong base. A village committee was formed by

Salient Features of the Movement

The ongoing peasant struggle in Bihar represents a new phase in the development of the Naxalbari movement. In what follows we have tried to enumerate the salient features which distinguish


Massive intervention of the state, the financial institu­tions, both native and foreign, and of scores of non­governmental voluntary agencies has rendered the agrarian scene in Bihar very complex. New agrarian


(Policies numbered I, II and III have been formulated by the Bihar State Committee of the Party and the rest by the Central Bihar Regional Party Committee.) I. On


Dear Peasants, The Kurmi caste is well known as an honest, hard-work­ing and brave caste. It has produced quite a considerable number of progressive individuals and revolutionaries. Many whole-time cadres of