48th Foundation Day of CPI (ML) Observed

The 48th foundation day of CPI (ML) was observed on April 22 across states. The call issued by the Central Committee of the party was read out by comrades in various programmes.

HARYANA: CPI (ML) activists organized a workshop on this occasion at the Karnal with a call to defeat communal forces by strengthening youth power and people’s protests to save democracy and the country. The workshop was conducted by Com. Mahendra Singh Chopra and addressed by Haryana in-charge Com. Prem Singh Gehlawat and other leaders. Com. Gehlawat said that the communal forces which are a grave danger to our country and democracy can be challenged only by strengthening people’s protests. It is to be noted that earlier this month Pehlu Khan, a dairy farmer transporting milch cows to Alwar, was lynched to death by terrorists in the guise of ‘gau-rakshaks’. Before he died, Pehlu Khan named his murderers in the presence of a Magistrate; the medical report confirms that his death was due to beating. PM Modi has grandiloquently declaimed in speeches that these fake ‘gau-rakshaks’ should be dealt with severely by State governments and their names should be reported. However, the guilty are still absconding and the police are unable to catch them. To the contrary, a lady associated with the RSS-BJP has equated these gau-rakshaks to modern day Bhagat Singhs! The BJP is using such false propaganda to carry forward its communal agenda; our Party strongly condemns this and demands that the Vasundhara Raje government/Manohar Lal government and the Modi government at the Centre give a minimum compensation of Rs 1 crore to Pehlu Khan’s mother and adequate compensation to the others injured so that they can get proper treatment. We also demand an enquiry by an independent enquiry commission into this case.

Com Gehlawat further said that the RSS has a deep antipathy to Ambedkar (as they have to Bhagat Singh) because Ambedkar stood against caste, Brahminism and Manuvad. They pay lip service to Ambedkar but in reality they are clearly anti-dalit as is evident from many instances including the banning of the Ambedkar-Periyar Study Circle at IIT Madras and the institutional murder of Rohith Vemula at HCU. But even in these difficult times there is hope because people across India are protesting and challenging these anti-people policies and in many instances are forcing the communal-fascist forces to step back as in the case of the Land Acquisition Bill and the taxation on Provident Fund withdrawals. Com Gehlawat appealed to all democratic and justice-loving forces to fight together to defeat the Sangh brigade and its communal-fascist agenda.

TAMIL NADU: The 48th anniversary of CPI (ML)’s foundation day was observed in many parts of Tamil Nadu including Villupuram and Cuddalore districts.

After the successful completion of CPI (ML) district conference of Villupuram, the first committee meeting decided to observe the 48th anniversary of CPI (ML)’s foundation throughout the district. The call of the CC was read out in all branch meetings. Branch meetings were organised from April 9 to 19. A flag hoisting programme was held on April 22nd. On April 22, flag hoisting programme was held in different centres covering at hundreds of villages. Party cadres and activists and entire district committee enthusiastically organised and participated in the programs. A motor cycle caravan toured all the centres and witnessed the flag hoisting programmes. Mass meetings were also held in some places.

Comrades pledged to resist the anti-people Modi raj and to dislodge the AIADMK rule in the state. They also pledged to make the May Day rally a success and asked the people to participate in the CPI (ML) and central TUs sponsored general strike on 25th April in support of crisis ridden farmers in the state.

In Kattumannarkoil and Vridhachalam in Cuddalore district party activists assembled and discussed CC call of party foundation day.