Presidential Poll 2012 and Beyond

As anticipated, Pranab Mukherjee has won the Presidential race hands down. With the UPA eventually staying intact, and support coming in from sections of NDA as well as the Left

Massacre of Adivasis in Bastar

On June 28 night, 17 people of adivasi villages of Bastar (Chhattisgarh) were killed in firing by CRPF, COBRA, and local police teams. This horrific incident, and the State’s response to

What the Maruti Mayhem Means

On 18 July, yet another scene of violence in the auto industry was enacted, which claimed the life of an HR manager. What was responsible for this tragic sequence of

The Blood and the Land

(Excerpts from a fact- finding report on Amousi carnage in Khagaria district, for which 10 Mushars were sentenced to death and four to life imprisonment. Senior economist Jaya Mehta, activist

Bathani Tola

You came, mercenaries of the state. Sensing mortal danger from Our women and children, You cut them up as hyenas Cut and rip lesser animals That pursue their right To food, water, and land-- Your