Acknowledgments & Preface

Acknowledgments Almost all the documents of the period 1917-28 are taken from volumes I, II and III of Dr. G Adhikari’s exhaustive treatise : Documents of the History of the CPI

Nationalism And Internationalism

From the late nineteenth century onwards, Indian national struggle had been quite receptive and responsive to international political currents. There are many evidences to show that enlightened Indians were aware,

Initiatives in the Soviet Union

The chronology of events relating to the emergence of an Indian communist group in the Soviet Union is as follows. 1. Mahendra Pratap[1], arrived in Tashkent in February 1918, followed by

The First Communist Groups in India

Almost simultaneously with but quite independently of the formation of a communist centre in Soviet Russia, the first communist elements and groups sprang up in India during 1921-22. These were: (1)

Towards a Left Bloc Within the Congress

From the Second Congress onwards, the Comintern was repeatedly advising communists in colonial countries to support and influence the national liberation movements. The communists in India, particularly those with a

Peshawar And Kanpur Conspiracy Cases

Treason, treachery and conspiracy have always been the catchwords of the British imperialist rulers and their successors — the modern Indian ruling classes, against the Indian communists. Thus the conspiracy

The National Political Scene

After Chauri Chaura the two streams of Congress activities — one of swarajists in legislatures and the other of constructive workers and satyagrahis mainly in villages — dragged monotonously on