Campaign in Uttar Pradesh for the Release of Bhim Army Convenor

CPI(ML) held demonstrations in front of District HQs in Uttar Pradesh on 5 December, eve of Dr Ambedkar’s death anniversary, to demand the release of dalit youth leader and Bhim Army Convener Chandrashekhar Ravan jailed in Saharanpur under the NSA. A memorandum was submitted to the President demanding the immediate release of Chandrashekhar and withdrawal of the NSA and other false cases registered against him and other Bhim Army activists. It was also demanded that the perpetrators of the violence and arson against dalits in Shabbirpur (Saharanpur) should be arrested without delay.

Protest marches and meetings in this regard were organized at Banaras, Ghazipur, Mau, Mughalserai City (Chandauli) and Urai (Jalaun). Dharnas were held at Sitapur and Hargaon Block HQs after the march. Protests were also held at Maholi and Biswan Blocks. Workers at the IFFCO factory in Phulpur, Allahabad held a gate meting and raised their voice for the release of the dalit leader. A dharna was held at Madihan in Mirzapur.

A signature campaign is also being held by AISA-RYA for the above demands. An appeal issued by AISA-RYA points out that the dalit leader is being witch-hunted by the police at the behest of the State government. He has been implicated in false cases and his health is also deteriorating.

The Bhim Army has held protests in Saharanpur on 9 May against the arson and violence upon dalits by feudal Thakurs in Shabbirpur, however, the Yogi government, instead of taking action against the perpetrators of the Shabbirpur violence, arrested Chandrashekhar and other Bhim Army activists under false cases. When the Allahabad High Court granted them bail, the State government immediately invoked the National Security Act, so that Chandrashekhar could not be released. The dalit leader was subjected to all kinds of torture inside the jail.