Municipal Labour Unions Strike in Mangalagiri

A strike was called under the leadership of municipal labor unions of AICCTU and CITU across districts in Andhra Pradesh to protest against the government order (GO) No. 279, promulgated by the Department of Municipal Administration that threatens to displace the workers as the contractors would be free to cut down on man power and make limited workers work resulting in more profits for the companies.

As the strike reached the third day, a meeting was organized at Mangalagiri municipality in Guntur district. On this occasion, AICCTU leader Umba Satyanarayana and R. Nagbani said that the state is currently under an anti-people, anti-workers rule. The government order 279 by the Chandrababu Naidu government has strengthened the interests of the corporate at the cost of the workers. They also called the GO no. 279, an attack on the job security and the livelihood of the workers. The strikers demanded scrapping down of GO and that their salaries be provided in accordance to the GO no. 151. AICCTU and CITU unions marched to the center of the Gautham Buddha Road and reached the Ambedkar Center over Main Bazaar and later at the Municipal Office. AICCTU’s comrades Godugu Satyanarayana and Nagamani, and CITU leaders Bhagiraj, Kamalakar, Kurra Yadavondalu and Nagraj led the protest programme.

The strike finally ended after the department officials met with Joint Action Committee leaders from the trade unions and affirmed that there will be no threat to job security, weekly holidays, CL implementation, PF benefits etc. due to the GO no. 279. After the successful strike and the negotiations, contract workers in Mangalagiri Gramin municipality met at the municipal council office at 5 a.m. in the morning and raised slogans of victory.

Protest of Municipal worker at Malkangiri, AICCTU