Obituary : Comrade Shankar Joshi & Comrade Ratan Singh Danu

Comrade Shankar Joshi

Comrade Shankar Joshi, 48, died of cancer on December 2 in Bindukhatta, Nainital. Com Shankar Joshi joined the CPI(ML) as a young man in the decade of the 80s. He played an important part in the militant land struggle for the settlement of Bindukhatta. He was always at the forefront in the struggles for the people for that area for issuing of ration cards, schools, electricity, hospitals and other facilities for the newly settled residents of Bindukhatta. Despite ill-health, he was at the forefront of the 2-year long struggle against the imposition of ‘Municipality’ on Bindukhatta. On a social level also Com Shankar Joshi shared the people’s joys and sorrows. Even at the risk of his job he joined the struggle against the oppression of workers at the Century Paper Mill in Nainital district; this led to his losing his job.

The CPI(ML) organized a Memorial Meeting in his memory at Ghoranala on 9 December 2017. The meeting started with 2 minutes’ silence and floral tributes to Com Shankar. Speaking at the meeting, Com Bahadur Singh Jangi said that he rejected all allurements offered by ruling Party powers and chose to join the CPI(ML) which is fighting to establish the rule of workers and farmers in the country even though that calls for great suffering and sacrifices. Shankar Joshi was a frontline leader of the Party in the district and we are proud of this. Today the fight for making Bindukhatta a Revenue Village is still on, and the memory of Com Shankar Joshi will inspire the people to fight harder to succeed.  His entire family has always been with the Party. A large number was present at the Memorial Meeting including Com Shankar Joshi’s family and people from the village.

Red Salute to Comrade Shankar Joshi!

Comrade Ratan Singh Danu

Comrade Ratan Singh Danu passed away on 12 Dec. 2017 in Bindukhatta of Nainital district. He was 80. He was a leading comrade in Bindukhatta’s land struggle since 80s. Very soft spoken and always smiling Ratan Da, as he was popularly known and revered by all, remained active in party till his last breath.
Red Salute to Comrade Ratan Da !