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Kerbside History

(This article is reproduced here from Outlook Magazine, March 18, 2013.) Several misconceptions are afloat around the war crimes trials in Bangladesh, as well as the Shahbag Square protests, that... (read full text)

REVIEW : Deconstructing “The Idea of India”

Every movement for national liberation has its own dynamics and salient features, which to a large extent shape the basic contours of the nation state that emerges from it. Perry... (read full text)

On Cover : Progressives and Reactionaries Polarised Over Memorial for Dr. Nirmal in Darbhanga

A remarkable mass movement is underway in Darbhanga, Bihar, in which there is a struggle between people’s memory and political amnesia, between a progressive vision of a people’s Bihar, against... (read full text)

On Cover : Shadow of Sexism and Misogyny Over Anti-Rape Bill

The anti-rape legislation that was supposed to be Parliament’s tribute to the Delhi December 16 braveheart was passed in India’s lower house on 19th March. Far from being a momentous... (read full text)

March 2013

... (read full text)

The Message of Feb 20-21General strike: Heed the People’s Voice or Quit Office

Even as the Parliament in India began its annual budget session, millions of Indians went on strike across the country calling for urgent policy changes. The general strike called by... (read full text)

The Politics of the Execution of Afzal Guru

When in his recent address at the Jaipur ‘Chintan Shivir’ of the Congress Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde said that he had got investigation reports that the RSS and... (read full text)

Corruption, Caste, and A Dubious Brand of Social Science

It may be perfectly correct to argue against Ashis Nandy’s legal prosecution. It may be perfectly correct to argue that Ashis Nandy’s remarks in Jaipur Literature festival must be seen... (read full text)

CPI(ML) State Conference in Punjab

The first Punjab State Conference of CPI(ML) was held in Mansa, Punjab on 30-31 January 2013. The Conference was preceded by a well attended mass meeting of agrarian workers, peasants... (read full text)

Cover Feature # International Women’s Day : Long Live Women’s Struggle for Justice and Freedom!

8 March – International Women’s Day – marks the historic day when, more than a century ago, women workers on the streets of the USA struck work to demand an... (read full text)

Cover Feature : Resisting the Patriarchal ‘Lines of Control’

(A version of this article appeared in the February issue of Hard News.) “Whoever expects a ‘pure’ social revolution will never live to see it.” – V I Lenin ‘Middle... (read full text)

Cover Feature : An Ordinance That Dilutes and Subverts Justice Verma Recommendations

(A version of this article appeared in Tehelka Issue 07 Volume 10). Any ordinance is promulgated as an emergency measure. Women live in a daily state of ‘emergency’, their freedom... (read full text)

Cover Feature : How UPA Govt Ordinance Undermines the Very Spirit of Justice Verma Committee Recommendations: A Comparative Analysis

The JVC Report The Govt’s Ordinance 1 For the first time in India, spelt out a constitutional Bill of Rights for women, and the means to ensure those fundamental rights... (read full text)

DRAFT 9th PARTY CONGRESS : On Agrarian and other Rural Struggles

1. The agrarian crisis continues to spread and deepen. Instead of addressing any of the structural dimensions of the crisis, whether by way of increasing public investment in agriculture or... (read full text)

Draft 9th Party Congress : Resolution on the International Situation

1. Global capitalism remains trapped in a protracted recession which has been widely acknowledged as the most severe economic downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Even though the... (read full text)

Special Report : First-ever Two-Day Nationwide General Strike

The strike called by 11 central trade unions including AICCTU against the pro-corporate and anti workers’ policies was unprecedented throughout the country affecting all vital sectors bringing the life to... (read full text)

ON COVERS : Massive Protest Against Modi’s Visit to DU

Hundreds of students and teachers of Delhi University and other campuses in Delhi held a spirited protest on 6th February against Narendra Modi’s visit to Sri Ram College of Commerce... (read full text)

On Cover : Protest Against Afzal Guru’s Execution

On 9 February at 8 am, news of the stealthy and shameful execution of Afzal Guru came in. The PUDR called for a silent protest demonstration at Jantar Mantar. CPI(ML)... (read full text)

Indo-Pak Ties: Ensure Peace, Defeat the Designs of War

The beginning of 2013 stood in a sudden stark contrast to the end of 2012. The same electronic media that resonated in December with cries of freedom and justice for... (read full text)