Death of a Schoolgirl in Ara

A class X student Neetu Kumari died due to the negligence of the administration at the Ambedkar Residential Girls High School. If the district administration had ensured timely treatment and the Sadar hospital doctors had given proper treatment, Neetu would probably have survived. When informed about Neetu’s state, a Civil Surgeon from Ara and another doctor came to the school and declared the girl dead. But they changed their statement in front of the district officials and said the girl is still alive and has to be admitted in hospital. The district administration was also trying to whitewash the whole matter but 400 girl students had gathered at the place and started raising their voice against the administration and for justice. The justice-loving citizens of Ara were also supporting this agitation.

It is to be noted that this school lacks even the basic minimum facilities. If the girls need medical help at night they have to go by themselves. Rice is served at both meals in the school; rotis are never served. There are no arrangements for cleaning and hygiene. In the event of any accident the role of the district administration is to hush up the matter. In the case of Neetu’s death also, fearing an agitation, the entire school was converted into a police camp and the main gate was locked. Even family members and journalists were not permitted to enter the school campus and one journalist was subjected to misbehavior.

However, the girl students continued to raise their voice in spite of the administration’s autocratic attitude. When the girls demanded that the Welfare Department Secretary should be called, the admimistration assured them that they would call him. But when he did not come till 4 PM the angry students, carrying the dead body and led by AISA activists Sabir and Sandeep, blocked the road in front of the main gate. Under pressure, finally the Welfare Department Secretary came and assured them that all issues would be resolved, after which the students ended the road block. The main demands of the students are: 1. A 24 hour Health Centre should be opened in the school; 2. New classrooms should be constructed to replace the dilapidated classrooms in the school; 3. Rs 10 Lakh compensation for Neetu Kumari’s family; 4. Government employment for one member of Neetu’s family; 5. The school should be converted into a 10+2 school; 6. Basic facilities should be provided in the school; 7. Teachers should be appointed in the school for all subjects; 8. Action should be taken against the district administration which is responsible for Neetu Kumari’s death.