Ranchi Nagar Nigam Gherao

The CPI(ML) organized a protest and gherao at the Ranchi Municipal Corporation on 23 February against the exorbitant increase in holding tax and the approval by the Raghuvar government of the decision to collect holding tax from movable properties. This is a conspiracy to displace low-income urban poor from Ranchi while the govt. continues waivers for big companies by increasing burden on the poor.

The protest march culminated at the Municipal Corporation office where a 7 point charter of demands was submitted to the Deputy City Commissioner. Addressing the protesters Bhuvaneshwar Kewat said that the Municipal Corporation has become an agency for earning profit and has forsaken the aim of public service. The Corporation is taking decision upon decision which are anti-people. He further said that citizens residing in the HEC area have been left to die without water. Neither the Municipal Corporation nor the HEC is providing basic essential facilities to these people. Com. Ajablal Singh said that it is illegal to charge separately for sanitation services. Ranchi has become a city where dogs and mosquitoes create havoc. The Corporation is ridden with corruption. He cautioned that if the corruption does not end and if adequate arrangements for drinking water are not made before summer sets in, the agitation would be further strengthened.