False Cases Against Rasoiyas and Jalsahiyas in Godda

False cases have been registered against 12 named persons (many of them women) and 100 unnamed persons because they were protesting in front of the Collectorate for minimum wages and against corruption in the Education Department under the joint banners of Rasoiya-Sanyojika Sangh, Jalsahiya Jila Samiti, Home Guard Sangh, AIPWA, and AICCTU. The CPI (ML) Jharkhand State Secretary comrade Janardan Prasad has also been named as an accused in this matter.

The Sanyojika Sangh and Jalsahiya Samiti have said that if all the false cases are not withdrawn before 30 April they would launch an intense struggle and hold a protest march on 1 May after which a ‘Jail Bharo’ drive would be held. Jalsahiya Samiti Secretary Kiran Kumari said that they demand action against the guilty officials responsible for slapping the false cases. Home Guard Sangh State Secretary Manoj Kushwaha said that the Home Guard Sangh would start a dharna and indefinite hunger strike on these issues from 26 April in Godda.

It is to be noted that on 12 April 2017, the dharna and protest march under the 5 joint banners were attended by large numbers of workers including hundreds of women and made the following demands: Rs 15,000 per month minimum wages; responsibility of toilet construction in villages to be given to Jalsahiyas; wage arrears to be paid to Rasoiyas and jalsahiyas; end violation of agreements by ECL; compensation to be paid only to the person who really occupies the land; total prohibition to be implemented at the ground level; Home Guard jawans to be employed in public sector as well as private companies; corruption and threats by SP and Sergeant-Major should be ended; Home Guards should not be made to do personal tasks for officials; reinstatement of Home Guard Kalpana Kumari who was removed because she refused to do personal tasks. The protesters, especially women, blockaded the main gate of the DC office and the DIG had to get out from his car and hear the demands of the women workers. After the 11-point charter of demands was submitted, the administration slapped the false cases on the protesters.

Addressing the meeting, CPI (ML) State Secretary Com. Janardan Prasad said that the Rasoiyas, Sanyojikas, Jalsahiyas implement government schemes and are termed as ‘scheme workers’. They are neither termed ‘government employees’ nor given minimum wages. This is a pro-corporate policy which gives the corporate houses cheap labour and huge profits. He said that the workers would struggle against this attack on their democratic and constitutional rights and would throw out ‘Company Raj’; the final victory would belong to the workers. He said that preparations are on for a big mobilization on Labour Day on 1 May.