CPI(ML) team Visits Phulwarisharif to investigate killing of Chandan

The CPI(ML) has condemned the killing of Chandan, a 20-year-old youth in Phulwarisharif who reportedly informed the police of illegal liquor trade. An inquiry team led by MLA Mahboob Alam visited the spot and demanded a high-level enquiry into the incident as the purported reasons for the murder lack credibility. While it is true that liquor is being manufactured in the locality, there is no proof that this was being done in the house where murder took place. That family is engaged in the wood trade and allegations of liquor manufacture do not appear credible. The other reason given for the murder that a cricket ball entered the house also appears flimsy and baseless. Therefore, a proper enquiry must be held into the incident. The team also found that under pretext of this incident the houses of mahadalits, poor and very backward communities settled for years on the banks of the canal have been burnt and destroyed, and this was done in the presence of the police. The people have been forced to flee and the locality wears a deserted look. The Party demands that the government should give these people homestead lands and should rehabilitate the displaced people. The government should also give adequate compensation to Chandan’s family and the families of the poor whose homes have been burnt or destroyed should also be compensated and rehabilitated. 15 homes have been destroyed including those of Devnandan Rajak, Sanjay Rajak, Upendra Rajak, Munarik Sao, Niranjan Devi and Neelam Devi.