CPI(ML) Uttar Pradesh Writes to CEC for BJP’s Violation of Model Code of Conduct and Communal Polarization

CPI(ML) has strongly condemned the attempts by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to influence the Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections 2017 through communal polarization. Com. Ramji Rai, UP state secretary pointed out that the BJP leaders were raising issues targeting a particular community during their election campaign, inciting religious passions in their speeches and violating the election code of conduct. He also wrote to the CEC drawing the attention of the Election Commission to the following points:

1. The BJP says in its manifesto that it will make an “Anti-Romeo Squad”. Though BJP President Amit Shah says that this is for the protection of girl students in educational institutions Sunil Bharla, one of the national co-conveners of their party, is openly giving the reference of “Love Jehad” in context of the Muzaffarnagar riots and saying that this squad is for protecting Hindu women against Muslim boys.

2. BJP star campaigner Yogi Adityanath is also openly citing the dangers of “Love Jehad” in his campaign speeches and giving this same definition of the “Anti-Romeo Squad”. Going further, he is indulging in spreading communal poison through his election rallies to further polarize the atmosphere in Western Uttar Pradesh which is already in the grip of communal tension. In this attempt he has fanned the issues of the Ram Mandir, rumours of migration from Kairana, closure of slaughter-houses etc. Similarly, on the final day of campaign before the second phase of voting he told lies in his election speech in Jalalabad (Shahjahanpur district) and tried to inflame communal passions.

3. During the campaign by Union Minister Sanjeev Balliyan (on 12 February 2017) threats of a dharna on a particular issue in Bijnor were made in an attempt to create polarization against people from a minority community.

4. Leaders from the BJP and its affiliated organizations have recently tried to circulate CDs of the Muzaffarnagar riots and to glorify the murder of Akhlaq (in Dadri) in order to create communal polarization and gain electoral benefits.

5. The BJP is consistently targeting minorities and trying to create hostility towards them. Their demand to remove the Uttar Pradesh DGP also seems part of this calculated strategy. The manner in which the BJP and their leaders are campaigning with the strategy of mobilization on the basis of religion is not only a violation of the directions of the Supreme Court but also a violation of the election code of conduct.

He further urged the CEC to take required action to ensure that peace, communal harmony, and justice are not vitiated.