Sangharsh Yatra in Ranchi

The CPI(ML) Sangharsh Yatra in protest against the amendments to the CNT-SPT Act and to demand ownership rights to gair-majrua and forest lands, was held from Ulihatu to Ranchi in front of the Raj Bhavan on 8 February 2017. The Yatra witnessed participation by thousands of people including adivasis, Sadans (non-adivasi original Jharkhnandis), and urban poor. A 7-point charter of demands with 50,000 signatures was submitted to the Governor.

The Sangharsh Sabha held in front of the Raj Bhavan began with tributes and a 2-minute silence for late Com Srilata Swaminathan and the martyrs of Bundu, Gola and Badkagaon police firings. The meeting was addressed by former MLA Vinod Singh and other leaders. The speakers said that the BJP government in the State has perpetrated the most of attacks on adivasis and their land, Tapkara, Koyalkara, Khunti, and Bokaro incidents being some examples. The CNT-SPT Act has been secured after long struggles like the Santhal agitation and the Birsa Ulgulan, and we will not allow the Raghuvar government to snatch away the Jal-Jangal-Jameen (water, land, and forests) of Jharkhand and hand them to corporate houses. The government’s global investment summit is a fresh chapter in the series of land loot. We have seen that the displaced receive lathis instead of employment and compensation. The issues of workers and farmers are missing from Raghuvar-Modi’s “achhe din”. MNREGA wages are far from the State’s minimum wages. The domicile policy of the State government is a cruel joke on the unemployed locals. Scams are rife in recruitment and appointments. The Union budget proposes to give tax benefits to big companies. Those who died due to demonetization must be compensated before toll tax companies are given compensation. The government’s policies are anti-poor, as evident from the increase in holding tax, LPG cylinder prices, electricity, water and other services. By denying receipts to “dakhalkars” (occupants) of gair-majarua land and forest lands, the government is snatching away their ownership rights.