The CPI(ML) organized a cadre convention in Patan, Palamu district to prepare for people’s movements on the following issues: rampant corruption and irregularities in the Public Distribution System; failure to provide regular work for MNREGA workers; non-payment of wages to workers; departmental corruption; and land related issues. The convention at the Patan HQ strongly condemned the brutal lathi charge on women students at BHU. The convention was addressed by district Secretary RN Singh, Kamesh Singh and others, who pointed out that BHU is one of the main RSS experiment centres where Brahminism and patriarchy are the twin pillars on which the system stands. The people must unite and fight against this anti-people system.

On 19 September a people’s demonstration were organized at Manika Block HQ in Latehar district by the CPI(ML) and the Jharkhand Gramin Mazdoor Sabha. The main issue of the protest was the problem relating to the online uploading of the land records of peasants agricultural lands and finding solutions. There are many errors in the uploading done so far, with wrong names being shown as owners. The protesters demanded that the land data should be digitalized afresh with Register-2 as the basis. They also raised the issues of corruption in PDS, work for MNREGA workers, non-payment of wages, the anti-conversion and communal Religious Freedom Bill 2017, land acquisition Bill amendments, and demanded that the conspiracy to divide the people and adivasis of Jharkhand should be ended immediately.

dharna was held at the Lesleygang Block HQ on 18 September on the above issues. The issue of the Lesliganj landless people was also added to the memorandum. A dharna on the same issues was also held at Panki Block HQ on 19 September.

On 19 September AISA organized an awareness campaign for payment of scholarships in Yog Singh Namdhari Mahila College. AISA set up a help desk and uploaded scholarship applications online free of cost. Avinash and Vidya led the AISA campaign.