A symposium on the relevance of Bhagat Singh’s ideas in the present times was organized on the occasion of the 110th birth anniversary of Bhagat Singh at Udaipur in Rajasthan by the ‘Loktantrik Adhikar Aur Sadbhavana Manch’. It was presided over by Com. Abid Adeeb and conducted by Com Rajesh Singhvi of the CPM. The symposium was addressed by the main speaker Prof Hemendra Chandaliya as well as Prof Sudha Choudhury, Shankarlal Choudhury, Saurabh Naruka, Councillor Rajendra Vashisht, and student activists Sushil Yeti, Ashok, Lalit, Pankhuri, Kailash, Ganesh and others.

The speakers said that Bhagat Singh was an internationalist who opposed capitalism, imperialism and colonialism and fought for the deprived and marginalized sections of society, in contrast to the narrow ‘nationalism’ of the right wing. The present governments are actually implementing, in the name of reform, the policies similar to the Trades Disputes Bill and Public Safety Bill which Bhagat Saingh had opposed by throwing bombs. The ‘labour reform’ amendment and land acquisition are weapons the governments are using against the people of the country. ‘Nationalism’ is being used to crush the democratic rights of the people who are being disarmed economically and socially by the nexus of capitalism, religion and feudalism. The speakers said that Bhagat Singh was a visionary who had seen even then that the fight for freedom and justice would have to continue even after the British left India and it is necessary to build a Left Revolutionary Party based on Marxism to fight capitalism and casteism. Bhagat Singh had strongly condemned and opposed communalism. It is unfortunate that today those in power and those who had no part in the country’s freedom struggle are lecturing us on nationalism.

The speakers pointed out that the country’s farmers, workers, minorities and women were at the core of Bhagat Singh’s nationalism; whereas, the BJP’s nationalism is based on communalism, casteism and the policy of ‘divide and rule’. They appealed to the people, especially the youth of the country, to organize and fight against this system based on the oppression of human beings by other human beings.


A programme on the 110th birth anniversary of Shaheed Com. Bhagat Singh was held in Karnal. The chief speaker on the occasion was JNUSU President Com. Geeta Kumari.

Addressing the programme, Com. Prem Singh Gehlawat talked about the real face of the Sangh parivar’s nationalism. The RSS betrayed the freedom struggle and it was in people’s struggle against the English colonialism that nationalism in India has its origin. However, the RSS nationalism never went in confrontation with the English colonialism. When Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev were being hanged, the RSS was mocking these real freedom fighters by aiding the British. He read out excerpts from the writings of M.S. Golwalkar exposing the farce of RSS’ nationalism. He said that at this crucial juncture when there was ongoing debate regarding the stream of national freedom movement which could be provide the way forward, it was clear that it was the communist revolutionary stream which can provide the way forward.

Com. Geeta in her address talked about the situation in the country following three years of BJP rule at the centre. She talked about the assaults being faced by the students, youth, women, poor, farmers and other oppressed sections. She said that it was important that students and youth of this country strengthen the voices of resistance as demonstrated by the courageous women students of BHU.

The programme was also addressed by Com. Om Prakash Arya, Com. Mahendra Chopra, Com. Lalit Saini and other leaders. Following the programme, a 14-point memorandum was handed over to the ADC, Karnal aimed at bringing key issues to their attention.