Com. Vasudev Tyagi and Com. Munnilal Rajbhar

In last few days, two senior comrades from Gazipur Com. Vasudev Tyagi and Com. Munnilal Rajbhar bid us adieu.

Com. Vasudev Tyagi was a resident of Dulhanpur Thana region in Jakhaniya tehsil. He had participated in the freedom struggle and he was 90 years of age at the time of his demise. Com. Vasudev has been jailed several times during the freedom struggle. He became associated with the CPI in 1950s. When after the demise of Com. Saryu Pandey, the CPI invited the UP governor for the unveiling of Com. Saryu’s memorial, Com. Vasudev left the party to join CPI (ML) in 1990. Participating in the movements of CPI and CPI (ML) he went to jail 42 times. In August 1970, he participated in the Kabza Dakhal movement to capture around 42 acres of land in Birla Farm Lakhimpur by hoisting red flag on it. He was popular for his poems, prose and people’s songs.

Com. Munnilal Rajbhar was a resident of the Lahuvaar village in Jamaaniya block. During the emergency when the party was underground, he came into contact with the party and later became active in the IPF. Standing firm against the feudal domination and facing guns, he took the stage during a sabha in Devari. In 1993 he was severely injured in the lathicharge on the Saidabad march. He also passed away in January at the age of 90. He remained a communist fighter till the last breath of his life. From the time the district party office was formed, he fulfilled his party responsibilities by staying the office for 15 continuous years. His funeral procession also began from the party office.

Com. Vasudev Tyagi and Com. Munnilal Rajbhar will always remain alive as sources of inspiration for us. We will have to work for the realization of their dreams.