CPI(ML) condemns attack on Teachers by Chhattisgarh Government

The contract teachers in Chhattisgarh have waging a relentless battle for their rights since November. On the 13th day of the movement, the Raman Singh government far from addressing their just demands launched an all out attack on the teachers and arrested thousands of teachers who were trying to reach Raipur. The teachers who had reached Raipur and were protesting were surrounded by the police and attacked. Several education workers were arrested at different parts of the state. The CPI (ML) Chhattisgarh unit has strongly condemned this attack on education workers by the government. CCPI (ML) demands that the contractualised education workers be absorbed in the education department and they be given same wages for similar work.  The party demanded that an immediate end be put on the contractual and honorarium systems and permanent appointments be made. The party extended support to the agitating education workers and their relentless struggle.