CPI(ML) Demands Administrative Ban on Bajrang Dal’s ‘Shaurya Diwas’

CPI(ML) Bihar State Secretary Com Kunal said on 5 December that the administration should without delay ban the Shaurya Diwas Yatras proposed to be taken out by the Bajrang Dal and Hindutva forces on the anniversary of the Babri demolition. This ban becomes even more urgent and necessary in view of the atmosphere of communal tension prevailing in Phulwari (in close proximity to Patna) due to the Bajrang Dal’s perpetration of communal violence and hatred. He further asked that with such a tense situation prevailing, how can the administration permit Shaurya Diwas celebrations and Yatras by the Bajrang Dal? It must be noted that the CPI(ML) was not given permission to take out even a Peace March. He added that “We have every suspicion that the Bajrang Dal will once again attack the minorities under the pretext of Shaurya Diwas Yatra through the Bazaar. Therefore, we demand that the Yatra be banned without delay and an atmosphere of communal harmony be built and maintained in Phulwari as well as other places”.