Party Conference in Nirsa

The CPI (ML) Nirsa Area Party Conference was organized on 10 December 2017. The flag hoisting was done by Com Upendra Singh and the conference was presided over by comrades Krishna Singh, Manoranjan Mallick and Devi. Inaugurating the conference Central Committee member Com. Shubhend Sen said that this conference is being held at a time when the Left in Nepal, once known as the only Hindu Rashtra in the world, has won a landslide victory and is on its way to form the government there. On the other hand there is a sinister and dangerous conspiracy to turn India, a Constitutional Republic, into a Hindu Rashtra. The BJP rule is pushing the country in the direction of civil war; attacks on religious minorities have escalated; and saffron violence is rife from Kerala to Dhanbad. In the context of this situation we must organize and strengthen the work of building the Party. Preparations for the 10th Party Congress are an important task today and it is imperative that we struggle against the tendency to accept the present situation as it is.

The 10th Party Congress is being organized in the face of conditions fraught with many more challenges than any other Party Congress in the past. It is extremely important to make it a success in order to win the struggle against fascism. The Nirsa Area Committee must find a way to resolve disparity between rural areas and our trade union activities in the coming years and break the impasse on the Party organizational front.

During the discussion on the work report presented at the conference, speakers said that the BJP government is synonymous with RSS rule. The venom of communal fascism has been dissipated throughout the country. During the election the people had voted for the BJP against the bad governance by Congress, against inflation, corruption, unemployment and black money. After victory in the elections both Modi and Raghuvar have forgotten and broken all their electoral promises. Their top leaders have washed their hands of their promises saying they were only ‘jumlas’. They who spoke of helping the poor have shown their class by helping the rich to get richer. The country’s farmers are committing suicide. Rights of organized workers are being cut. The condition of unorganized workers is no different from slavery. Students, youth and women are being attacked. Muslims and dalits are treated as enemies. Thousands of small and medium businesses and trades have shut down due to demonetization and GST. Lakhs of people have become unemployed. The poor are starving to death. The country is being torn apart by the politics of Mandir-Masjid, religion and caste. Anyone who voices their dissent or criticizes the government is finished. The Left and democracy-loving people are branded ‘anti-national’. In these times, the 10th Party Congress of the CPI (ML) will be held from 23 to 28 March 2018 in Punjab. The politics of the Left and policies to counter the BJP government will be determined at the Party Congress. All members of the Party must do everything in their power to make the Congress a success.

At the end of the Conference a 35 member Committee was constituted with Com. Nagendra Kumar as Secretary.