Protest March against Khanpur Rape and Murder

A young girl was raped and murdered in Khanpur as a result of the police colluding with the accused against whom a report had been filed for molestation on 22 September 2017 at the Samastipur SDO Court. Outraged by this incident of rape and murder, students under the leadership of AISA took out a march from BTB College campus on 8 November. The march proceeded through the main streets and culminated in a meeting when it returned to the College gate. The meeting was presided over by AISA College unit President Com. Manish Rai. District President Com. Sunil Kumar and other student leaders speaking at the meeting condemned the district and police administration and the Nitish government which boasted of ‘Sushaasan’ (good governance) but was actually the exact opposite of good governance. They pointed out the increasing number of rape and violence against women and girl students and gave the examples of the incidents at Tajpur, Patori, Kalyanpur, Khanpur, and Ujiyarpur. They said that these criminals are emboldened because of the protection they are getting from the ruling powers. In this situation, the only answer is for the people to unite and organize struggles against them. The meeting concluded with the effigy burning of CM Nitish Kumar. The AISA leaders said that unless the accused are arrested soon, the struggle would be sharpened and strengthened.