Constitution And Democracy In Danger

(Four Supreme Court judges have alerted the country to ‘democracy in danger.’ The people of the country can ignore this warning only at our own peril. The Prime Minister, speaking

The Aadhaar Tyranny Must End!

-- Agnitra Last October, Santoshi Kumari, a young girl from Simdega district of Jharkhand died of starvation after her family stopped receiving any rice from the public distribution system for several

A Journey Of Hate

(In the 25th anniversary year of the Babri Masjid demolition, Liberation reflects on the journey from 6 December 1992 to the present – and how impunity for the perpetrators of

CPI(ML) Karnataka State Conference

The CPI(ML)'s First State Conference in Karnataka was held on 2nd and 3rd of December. Delegates from Bengaluru, Davangere, Koppal, Mangalore, Bellary and Mysore districts congregated at Bengaluru for the conference. Guests

Long Live The November Revolution !

Lenin, Vladimir- during the Russian Revolution, 1917

The Russian Revolution - 7 November 1917. A 100 years after that momentous day, it is important to remind ourselves that that Revolution was no coup, no conspiracy. It was

Liberation Completes 50

A Letter To Our Readers Dear readers, On 11 November 1969, at the historic rally at Shahid Minar Maidan in Kolkata in support of the Naxalbari uprising, the first issue of Liberation